I (Influenza virus)

September 22 nd  1989 – 2020

There was a man called Chiyaan . He was promoted to be in body building association and he had to wake up early and exercise for the contest and get a strong body. There was another guy who was doing body building and he said to Chiyaan ” I am going to win this “. Then Chiyaan said ” We will see “. Then they show there body’s to the judges and Chiyaan wins. After that the guy punched Chiyaan . He was very angry so he kicked him in the face. Then everyone came and fighted him then it was a disaster. The judges heard a noise so they went into the room and they saw the champion fighting all the other body builders then the judges said ” stop this nonsense. “But they were still fighting, everyone was blood – thirsty. So the judges called every police in Kolkata

The whole police in India police came to the body building association. Then the police said to the judges “you didn’t have to call every single police. He whispered to his police mate.” He is the dumbest person I have ever met” “Anyway what is the problem .” Then the judges said ” the champion was fighting everyone. The dumbest officer said ” congratulations “.another police officer said “Shut Up.We are here to arrest him””OOOOHHHH.” Then Chiyaan said ” no sir one body builder punched me for no reason “. But the judges said ” arrest the champion ” . Then Chiyaan said ” please sir please why are you arresting me, arrest him the guy who started it . Then the guy was laughing . Even the police was laughing . Then Chiyaan was angry and he said ” I will get my revenge “. Now the police was laughing their heads off when he said it.

2 years later still in jail

A police said to the body builder ” I am willing to work with you . ” After the body builder thought for a second and said ” you can’t work with me unless you do a job for me.You have to threaten a nurse and put the Influenza virus into him. Then the police said ” ok.”

So the police officer said to the nurse ” come with me ” . Then the nurse said ” why do I have to come with you ” . The police officer was so angry he got out his gun and he said ” bring the influenza virus with you or I will kill you ” . After,  the nurse brought the influenza virus with her and she came with the hatred police officer . They came to the police station and they open the cell . Then the nurse went inside the cell and she put the influenza virus into him. She put it in the injection then she put it into him .

It was the next morning and Chiyaan woke and he saw the police  officer laughing with the body builder . Chiyaan said ” Why are you laughing at me “. The the police officer showed him a mirror.Chiyaan had massive spots on his face and had a sore throat. Chiyaan said ” What have you done to me ” Chiyaan croaked . The police officer said ” Shall we tell him ” The body builder shouted “Noooooooooooooooooooo,if you tell him I will kill you “. The officer gulped. There was a phone call for the officer and it said that there’s a criminal shooting everyone in Kolkata . So the police officer went to get him . So the body builder and Chiyaan was alone in the police station.

It was night and the body builder was sleeping on the police table.The key to the cell was on the table.The body builder was sleeping right next to it and when he moved the key bounced towards Chiyaan.He grabbed the key,opened the cell and ran away from the police station.”I’ll be back” he whispered.

After Chiyaan went to the hospital and he was finding for an doctor to cure the Influenza virus that was in him . The doctor that put the influenza virus into him saw Chiyaan . The doctor came to Chiyaan and said” I’m so sorry the police officer threaten the me and he said that I have to put the influenza virus into you. I’m extremely sorry . Chiyaan said ” you should have used your brain , oh yeah if you have one , now look at my life. What am I going to do “. In Chiyaan mind he was only thinking about revenge. It was repeating all the time . Chiyaan said to the nurse ” I won’t forgive you unless you do this for me “. They went to the police station and saw the body builder still sleeping . So the nurse got the influenza virus and she put it inside him . Chiyaan said” Like I said I will get my revenge back and I did you puny little body builder .” The nurse bought some rope to tie him up. So they tied him up.

It was the next morning and when the body builder woke he saw Chiyaan out of his cell . Then he saw Chiyaan with a mirror. Body builder said ” what have you did to me “. Chiyaan said ” Look at yourself in the mirror”. He said so he took the mirror and he saw himself and he said ” what have you done to me ” he croaked. Chiyaan said ” remember the competition you fought me for no reason and I said I will get my revenge and I did”. Then Chiyaan threaten the body builder and he said ” what is the police officer postcode and address spit it out or do you want I “. So he said the postcode. Then Chiyaan and the nurse went to his house and they saw him sleeping on the sofa . The nurse put he influenza virus into him . Then Chiyaan and the nurse carried him to the car and they went to the police station because he didn’t want to stay in his house so they went to the police station and they put him on the police table .

It was next morning and Chiyaan tied the police officer just as he did to the body builder . The police officer woke up and he was wondering were he was . He saw Chiyaan and he was with an mirror and the police officer said ” What have you done to me “. Remember the competition when you were about to arrest me and I said I will get my revenge and I did .

A Few Days Later

They were living in the police station and suddenly something was vibrating in their hearts . The body builder and the police officer hearts was vibrating as well. Then the body builder heart stop vibrating and he fell on the floor and he died.Then the police officer heart stop and he fell on the floor . Then Chiyaan’s heart stoped as well . He fell on the floor and he died . There was a funeral for all of them everyone was crying . When the crowd looked at their faces the crowd was confused . They were all confused because there faces didn’t look like that before. They got buried. They died at the end.



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