Food Fight

Chapter 1 : Super Hospital

Aragon was a villain who owned a lot of food, he was evil, but didn’t know what evil scheme to pull. His assistant, Adhul said ” You own a ton of food, Master. You could use it for your evil scheme if you know what i mean.” Aravin did own a lot of food, yummy, disgusting, mouldy, out of date, frozen foods, every type!

When Aravin was fighting Damy, the new superhero, Aravin kept on failing. ” You own all types of food, you can at least throw mouldy and rotten things like rotten tomatoes.” Damy said. Aravin thought about it and throwed some tomatoes. All vegetables except tomatoes drained Damy’s powers.

Aravin laughed at Damy, falling down into the city train tracks. A train was incoming,Damy was weak. The train driver saw Damy and tried to stop the train. The train wheels scratched the tracks. Prince was the train driver and he came out, looking at poor Damy, he looked like a deflated balloon.

Prince carried ” The Deflated Balloon ” to the secret compartment in the hospital for the secret superhero ward. Dr Amponsah was looking after Damy and he got a helium balloon pump and put the end in his mouth. Dr Amponsah pushed down the pump again and again until Damy was back to normal. Damy was still weak so he had to go to the superhero gym.

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