WTPA at The Apple Conference

Year 5 presented at the Apple Conference for Teachers last week and they were amazing! They talked about learning in an Open Learning Zone and how they use ICT.

They presented in a professional manner and the audience were transfixed by their every word. Watch the day in photos below!

5 thoughts on “WTPA at The Apple Conference

  1. Hi Miss Arli
    Wow this presentation was amazing! It really shows how they prepared for their Apple conference and how they learnt to do it. I don’t know what you do in the Apple conference. Can you teach me how you learn in the Apple conference? Do you learn the people how we learn in the learning zone and how we use the technology or the ICT?

    By Sabaoen 5.1

  2. Hi miss Arli

    Thank you for putting a post on the blog and the post that you did it evan better because you did a video also people like videos.this is also good because people in other schools can see the video and they can download the app.

  3. Hi Miss Arli,
    In my opinion i agree with what Jawad and Sabaoen said because it is a really amazing presentation. I love how you put a little video clip on there to so people can see little bit of it so they know more about it and that is really good. Also when i was looking at the video everyone was really happy and that shows that they really like the Apple Conference. I hope that the people what was included in the Apple Conference really liked it and really had fun doing it with you.
    By Ella-Rose.

  4. Hi Miss Arli

    I really like the presentation and I think it is really great. I really like the part when everyone was constrating and everyone was happy in the video. The other part I like is that he part when they spoke to each other and being brave when they spoke.

  5. Hi Miss Arli,

    I really liked the video because as the video was something to do with a lot of technology the theme was amazing. Also as Abirammi said while they were speaking they weren’t shy or anything like that and i also liked that everyone was enjoying and being happy in the video.

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