In A Village,Lagos Prologue

It was a normal day in Lagos well for everybody except Ray he thought everything  was normal but really the day hadn’t started. When he thought he was going to have a normal day at work really he was going to walk in the door and see the place trashed. Also he will find his best friend on the floor with one arm. 

What should I add to the whole story and what will happen next?

One thought on “In A Village,Lagos Prologue

  1. Hi Ilijah
    This is amazing post full of detail and effort but don’t forget quality because you added a lot of it and that is really good you have really inspired me so well done. But what inspired you to make this amazing post?? that is what i won’t to know. You have really thought about what you was going to write and that is really good because that is what gave me the inspiration so well done. Also you have used description and describing words so well done.

    But next time could you add another paragraph and tell me what inspired you? And that would be amazing and brilliant. Thank you for sharing this wonderful brilliant post on the blog. Keep it up Ilijah.
    By Ella-Rose..

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