Reading Group: The Silver Sword

Today we started our story The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier. We will be reading this book in our groups and discussing what we think and wonder every step of the way!

So Chapter 1 -The Escape

What did you think of the first chapter?

What do you wonder?

How did the author make you want to read more?

Let’s keep this blog going as we read through the book!

Please try to add as much detail to your responses as possible!!

The best comments will get chance cards back at school – happy blogging!

26 thoughts on “Reading Group: The Silver Sword

  1. Hi , Miss Arli
    I absolutely loved hearing silver sword i thought it was amazing i was completely lost in the book I just want to keep on listing. I was so shocked by hearing the first chapter! I wonder if the guards don’t catch him will someone else’s?
    The author was amazing jn the first chapter i was so hooked into the story. I really enjoyed it he wrote it in such detail. He describe the first chapter in action and emotions.
    By Neve

    • Hi Neve

      Thanks for your comment on this post!

      I was also absorbed in the story and it was a shame that we had to stop reading to go home!

      The writer was definitely able to engage the reader and the end of chapter one has really left me with a desire to find out what happened next. That is a sign of a great author and a good book!

      Miss Arli

  2. Hello Miss Arli,
    I think the first chapter in the book kind of like introduces the character who is starting the story,I also think it’s about the war because when I read the blurb it said something about the war and about a really old silver sword that belongs to a boys grandfather.
    I wonder if the actual story is based on the war against England and Germany.
    I also wonder if the story relates to the authors life or a memory from the past that made her remember that I could make a story about this.

    • Hi Aamina

      Thanks for your comment and your wonders!

      I like the way you have read the blurb in order to find out more about the book.

      I can’t wait to read chapter 2!

      Miss Arli

  3. Hi Miss Arli
    I think the first chapter was kind of interesting because we get learn more words.
    I wonder whats going to happen is that they might take a sower and they see the head teacher.

    • Hi David

      Thanks for your reply.

      I agree that the first chapter was very interesting and the author used some great descriptions in order for us to imagine what it was really like in the huts that the character was sent to by the Germans.

      I can’t wait to read chapter 2!

      Miss Arli

  4. Hello Miss Arli

    I extremely enjoyed the first chapter because it was in action and I think the the the author was cognizant and versatile for the first chapter. I also showed other country people like Czechs Romanians and Polishes.

    I am so exited to read chapter 2!!

  5. Hi Miss Aril
    Chapter 2 was brilliant but the head teacher got away and it fells happy because if he got court he could die but if he didn’t he will hide somewhere in the forest were he can not get shot.I wonder that he is going to find the silver sowed in the forest. I think that he is sad that his family is dead. That story is fantastic you can not believe what we read it is a good story you could of header it.
    By David A

  6. Hi , Miss Arli

    I definitely think that the 2nd chapter was outstanding, it really got me thinking and imagine what really happend in the book! I wonder , will he be captured by the Germans guards? What are they going to do with him if they do?

    The auther was amazing i can tell he put lots of detail in the 2nd and 1st chapter! He is always so interesting and always have you on the edge of wondering and wonderful imagination! Of course he wants me to read more because he is absolutely an intresting man who is filled with thoughts.

    I wonder if he experienced the world war 2?

  7. Hi Miss Arli

    I found the book ‘The Silver Sword’ absolutely phenomenal because, it felt like I was sucked into the book and couldn’t stop listening since it’s so good. I believe that the ending to chapter 1 was so intriguing because, Joesph had a plan worked out before hand. I love the fact that ,Ian Serraillier (the author) used so many descriptive word to grab the reader’s attention and take them into a whole new world.My wonder is’Will Joesph get caught? Will he end up in decent shelter if he escapes?’

  8. Hi miss Arli
    So far is that Joseph escapes by using a catapult and a rock.He aim the guard and he wore the guards uniform and he walked out.In chapter 2 he went to a old women and the old man house.Later on is that someone was at the door and it was the guards and they check every where but one of the guards said that he could be in the roof so they shot one of bullet and it did not touch him.He was happy.

  9. Hi Miss Arli

    I like reading the book The Silver Sword. I think that the author Ian Serraillier has really hooked us in to the story and make us want to read it. The author Ian

    • I have not finished my comment yet: I wonder what might happen to Joseph he might get caught by the soliders because they had a big bell that shows that someone has escaped from the prison. They put a number on the skin so they know if that person has escaped or not in the prison.

  10. Hi miss Arli
    So far I think Joseph is a outstanding character because he wanted to get out of prison when he dident belong there in a traped small jail cell because he’s done nothing wrong.I think Joseph was in so much pain when the Germans burnt and printed his number on his arm.
    By Charlie

  11. Hi miss Arli
    The first chapter is fantastic the writer really described the setting and the characters feelings so you can imagine it so clearly it feels real. If I was Joseph I would fle the country to safety. I would cover my prison number with mud. My wonder is will he ever see his family again?

    By Sian

  12. Hi Miss Aril ,
    I think the first chapter is really exciting because it has given me an idea what will happen next. If I was Joseph I would flee and cover my prison number and place a dummy where I was sitting.My wonder is will he ever survive?Will he find his family. I think his family might of suffered with no food .
    From Akshara

  13. Hi Miss Arli,
    I thought in the first chapter it was very exciting because I wanted to read more and I think that he shouldn’t have escaped because now danger is coming to him the guards are looking for him.
    I wonder is he is not going to get caught by the guards?
    The author made me read more by giving lots of detail in the book and decribed how he was feeling or how it looked.
    From tyanna

  14. Hi Miss Arli ,
    I thought the first chapter was mKing wanting to read more about it because it is about world war 2 and in year6 we would learn about it to . It was very interesting for me how people would live in tents and things like that.

    I wonder why would Josehp would want to escape because now he would be in more trouble than before?

    By putting a lot of detail in and describing how they look and act . Also sometimes when you read it sound like someone is talking to you.
    By Veronica

  15. Hi Miss Arli,

    I thought that the first chapter was very engaging because it reminded me about world war 2 and it also reminded me about how people were treated
    Back in the olden days.
    I wonder if Joseph is going to come back with his family?
    The author wanted me to read more and get engaged.
    I want to read more on chapter three.
    By Lynette

  16. Dear Miss Arli,
    I really liked it when Joseph made made a plan about escaping from jail because i think it was a really smart idea. I also liked it because he done his best on it. I wonder if he would die. I thought that he would not go to jail and i feel sorry for him because he might die in jail because the guards always pulled people back into there room when they try to escape. In addition thought that the first chapter was very engaging because it reminded me about world war 2 and it also reminded me about how people were treated in the olden days.My wonder is will he ever survive?Will he find his family. I think his family might of suffered with no food i also wonder if we could talk to talk parteners about it.

    By Lara

  17. Hi miss Arli
    I really liked it when Joseph threw something at the guards to get the suit so he can wear it and escape. If i was there I wouldn’t have even thought of that idea.He went through a cable car and saw a woman she decided to help him and said to him to hide.I think escaping was a really good idea because someone was there to help Joseph.I wonder will he survive? Will he find his family?Is someone going to help him?Were is he going to stay?Will the body guards ever find him?
    by Kumal

  18. Hi Miss Arli,

    I love the book so much ! they when we had to wonder was the children blown up or did they get away? I had absolutely fun reading it and I cant wait to start reading some more ! I wonder would he get out the country ? or safe the others from the prison including the kids? I defiantly want to keep on reading ! I was getting into the book , It felt like what was in the book was in my head I could just imagine what was happening and his feelings.

    By Neve 🙂

  19. Hi Miss Arli,
    This amazing chapters we last read was wonderful and filled with kindness, laughter and most importantly trust. Joseph met a boy who steals other peoples stuff in their pocket ! Also he stole all Josephs food. Joseph was going to meet him later on and what I wonder is , is the boy going to show up ?
    When the boy did show up the boy didn’t really share any information about himself or his parents!
    What I enjoyed about this chapter was that to gain Joseph trust was to give him the silver sword !

    By neve

    • Hi Neve

      Thanks for your comment.

      Can you tell me what happened in the chapter today?

      I need to catch up on the story so try to add as much detail as possible.

      Miss Arli

  20. Hi Miss Arli,
    Chapter 6
    Today at Silver Sword Joseph was had a flash back! I thought it was about his kids. Anyways in the flash back their was children who just witness their mother getting kidnapped and a boy was saving his sisters from a closet that the kidnappers must of locked them in! Plus their father went out and don’t know where he is !
    I wonder is Joseph the father that never came back? Will they save the mother ?
    did they kidnapped the mother so she can work for them ? Why didn’t the take the children?
    I really enjoyed today’s chapter it truly makes you think whats Joseph truly thinking and what and why was he parted from his family and job!
    By : Neve

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