What should our Year 5 motto be?

During our Wake up and Think this week we have been thinking about what our year group motto should be..

You have to think about key words that describe the way we work in our open learning zone and create phrase to describe us in Year 5.

I look forward to reading some inspiring mottos!


12 thoughts on “What should our Year 5 motto be?

  1. Hi Miss Arli,
    I think that our year group motto should be ‘Learning is our playtime.’
    I think that this should be our motto because we think that playtime is just as important as learning new things in the learning zone.

  2. Hi Miss Arli,
    I think Year 5’s motto should be ‘Excellence comes from here’ as it tells people that we will become excellent adults in the future.

  3. I think the year 5 motto should be: To Get Your Goals Dream Believe And You Will Achieve. I think this should be the motto because in order to achieve your goals in life and succeed you have to believe in your self in your self no matter what any other people may say this is how you will succeed
    By 16Tiarnaef

  4. Hi Miss Arli

    I think the school motto should be: Believe and you will achieve because it shows our self motivation and how we embrace in struggle.

  5. Hi Miss Arli
    It should be keep calm and try your best or achieve more to become the best.

    I chose this because if you achieve a little amount of work you wont become the best but if you complete a big standard of work then that is when you become the best. I also chose the other one because keep calm and don’t be disturbed and that is the reason.
    Also what would your one be Miss Arli

    By Chantelle

  6. Hello miss Arli,

    The school motto should be WTPA the worlds knowledge and learning. Because they want to know how to learn stuff like history Maths and Literacy and it wants to make them come to our school.

    The motto should be that because they might think it looks like a better school and they want to learn from us and they want to learn all the other topics in Year1, 2, 3, 4, 5 also in year6 and that`s my reason of the motto.

    By Sabaoen 5.1

  7. Hi Miss Arli
    I think the motto should be try and you can do anything.This is a good motto because it makes people try there best so they can do anything.I also choose the motto Be the the change you want in the world because it shows you that you can’t be pushed around.This also means you can do anything you want to do.

  8. Hi Miss aril
    I think the school motto should be called best school ever because people respecting the teachers rights and they lesson to tays.

  9. Hi Miss Arli
    Our motto should be WE LEARN TO ENJOY,
    because when we are in the learning zone we can enjoy our self’s because the environment is use full for our work. Also I picked this motto because when we are older we can think of all the things we used in year 5 that made us lucky. I f we had this motto it would keep us learn hard.
    By Joilline 5:1

  10. Hi Miss Arli,

    I think our Year 5 motto should be ‘Keep on learning and you will be loving it’! I thought of this motto because it’s when we look at it will inspire us to learn. Another reason why I think this should be our motto is because it sounds persuading to read and remember. If we had this motto it will ‘Keep Us Learning And We Will Be Loving It’

  11. Hi Miss Arli,

    I think the Year 5 motto should be work the best as you can because everyone had to doo a lot of work to the Governor to chanesh the year 5 laning zoon.

    by fabio

  12. Hi Miss Arli
    I strongly believe that are year 5 motto should be keep calm and learn.
    I think it should be that because it really inspired me so i think it might inspire you to learn your best and always try your best.I also think it should be this one because if you need help it is telling you just to keep calm and you will get there. Another year 5 motto could be try your best you will get there in the end. That also tells you that you can do it just believe in your self.
    By Ella-Rose.

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