Remembrance day poem

In World War One…

In World War One,                                                                          There was deafening sounds,                                                      Muddy grounds,                                                                                   And demolished towns

In World War One,                                                                          There was more than one trench,                                                    Blurry sights,                                                                                    And a smokey stench

In World War One,                                                                         There was lots of guns shooting,                                                       Lots of smoke polluting,                                                                    And lots of people moving

In World War One,                                                                         There was lots of tanks and jets,                                                           Lots of threats,                                                                                     And England had success

4 thoughts on “Remembrance day poem

  1. Hello Prince,

    Wow! What a fantastic 100 word challenge poem.

    I really enjoyed reading this. The only comment I would make is to use ‘there were’ instead of ‘was’. Also, I couldn’t see the prompt word ‘remember’ in the actual text.

    This is a great poem, be proud of your work!

    Mrs W (Team 100 WC, U.K).

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  3. Hi prince
    This work is amazing and when you wrote about reremberence day that was not bad at all. You can add abit more detial.

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