100 word challenge

War and demolition balls of death raging towards me.

The times of red spraying out.

remember those who brought peace to our lands.

remember those who risked their lives for us.


Days of red falling upon us.

greed and selfishness brings no good it only brings war and makes other people poor.

Live die repeat.

Lots of people die lots of people lived but that was only through luck.

But this is nearly the end of me I am face to face with a German the only way to survive is to shoot.

Every day I wonder why we can’t solve this this problem by talking.





7 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. Dear Joshwa,
    Welcome to 100WC. What a beautiful way to remember the loved ones who scarified themselves for during the war. Yes, as you said why can’t we resolve our differences throught talking instead of going to war and it is all because of selfishness and greed. I hope we all think about what you have said and resolve our issues by talking before we shed innocent blood. Best of luck with your writing in the future.

  2. Hi Joshwa,

    You’ve written a wonderful poem, remembering those who lost their lives in war. Well done! I love how you made it personal at the end by showing these as thoughts of a soldier. I, too, wonder why we can’t just solve problems by talking things through.

    Keep writing!

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  4. Hi Joshwa
    I also agree, why cant we solve problems by just talking because if someone kills your mum you kill them and then maybe there son kills you it will just go on forever. Good Point Joshwa

  5. Hi Joshwa,
    I really liked reading this post it is very inspiring and different. It is a very nice poem and it teaches me about the war. It is a bit scary but it is a bit nice to start our day to and that is good. So well done for posting this and putting this on the blog so everyone can see this amazing work. You have used 100 words in the 100 word challenge and that is fantastic because that is the whole point of the 100 word challenge. I really like this post my favorite part is all of it because like i said before it is really inspiring. You have put effort thought and quality in this. Remember it is not about how much you have done it is about the quality and how it is set out and i can tell you that this is set out in a very different style and that is a very good thing this could help people get ideas on the war. I can imagine the war by reading this can you?. Keep up the hard work and remember keep on blogging.
    By Ella-Rose.

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