P I Z Z A ! P L A C E ! P I Z Z A ! S A N D W I C H ! Out of Monsters Chapter 2 – 3

Sorry for the sandwich, not that much toppings!

Damy got one sample of the P I Z Z A and gave it to the scientists. It was a 20 minute drive on his Moped scooter but he got there. He R U S H E D into the room and threw the sample. The gymnast scientist Popsicle done a somersault, clutching onto the jar. She said ” OK D A M Y , what is the problem? ” . Damy replied ” My pizza turned into a monster! I don’t know Who, What, When, Where and Why it turned crazy but it happened! The scientists got the small sample and put it below the microscope. ” Hmm, this green thing looks like bacteria… ” said Popsicle. ” Did you check your cooking ingredients? ” . D A M Y replied ” Err.. Don’t think I did ” . ” I think the ingredients you used were out of date, there is a humongous amount of P I Z Z A bacteria ” Popsicle said to D A M Y ” We need to make an antidote ASAP! ”

τнє ѕє¢яeт αитι∂σтє :
one of each ingredient ( 1 lbs )

” According from the sample, you will need every ingredient of the pizza you made. At least 1 pound. ” Popsicle whispered to Damy. ” Get here ASAP ” . Damy was now incognito mode. He search high on the rooftops, He searched low on the West Croydon stop on the London Underground, he searched everywhere! He secretly crept into Builder Brothers Pizza Place ( Basically his Pizza Place ) and grabbed every ingredient, Damy was smart so he knew how much 1 lbs weighs. He then secretly crouched down on the floor, then he saw some newspapers. He read out loudly ” Do you want to be an Innovator ? If you would like to be one then ring 0021346 on the Aamina Line ” . He put his ingredients in the storage box and lifted it over to the scientist’s hangout, the Laboratory. They examined the ingredients and put it in the ANTI – DOTE and the antidote came out.

Chapter 3 Of P I Z Z A ! P L A C E ! P I Z Z A ! S A N D W I C H !

Damy grabbed τнє ѕє¢яeÑ‚ αитι∂σтє from the ANTI – DOTE machine. Damy felt the thick ooze of the antidote, yuck! ” You have to shoot the infected with this antidote, it won’t kill them, it will H E A L them. ” said Popsicle . ” Yes, I shall stand up and be brave and etc ! ” replied Damy. He went on the rooftop and saw the Pizza Apocalypse, Zombies were out there. Damy done a somersault leap combo and landed on the balcony, it was half serious, half parkour. He jumped on obstacles, also avoiding the pizza zombies. He done a triple shot while doing a backflip, dropping his ANTI – DOTE grenades. BOOM , the grenade exploded, giving health to people. The healed people helped and dropped their medicine grenades too. The grenades helped the world get better. Soon the entire population of Croydon was healed. But this isn’t over yet. Damy needed to head back to the Laboratory and repeat the antidote before all of this happens again!

Damy done ninja parkour and no one saw him, he went to the telescope of the Laboratory and done a P A R T Y ! P U N C H ! and broke the lens. Damy done an U n D O move and the glass fixed back together on the telescope. ” We need to turn the crank for a minute for a B U I L D E R S ! C L U B ! L I F E T I M E ! S U P P L Y of αитι∂σтє. The crank there was hard to turn. He needed some T U F F ! G U Y ! D E O D O R A N T ! that made YOU strong. He quickly dashed to the T U F F ! G U Y ! S T O R E ! © and checked for some T U F F ! G U Y ! D E O D O R A N T ! . All of their deodorant disappeared. He needed to get some T U F F ! G U Y ! D E O D O R A N T ! but how?

Tune in next time in T U F F ! G U Y ! D E O D O R A N T !
Actually, P I Z Z A ! P L A C E !
Don’t be afraid to add what you would like in the next chapter and, after 2 more chapters there will me a new P I Z Z A ! S A N D W I C H ! so keep going on the blog for more!

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  1. Hi Damy,
    Wow this is a amazing post you have done year 5 standard work which is amazing. Not only that this post is full of detail and describing words which is also really good so a very well done for you. I really like how you have presented this. You have done paragraphs and that is so so good because if you do not do paragraphs it does not look like year 5 work. So we should always do paragraphs which you done so well done. My favourite part is all of it because like i said it is full of detail and describing words. I also like how some bits are in capital letters and some are not. So it looks like it gets really exciting then really scary so well done again for the effort and quality. Keep it up!! Also thank you for blogging on the blog and writing this amazing post..

    But next time maybe put a historical question in out the end like what will happen next?? Also maybe add some more adjectives but otherwise this is a brilliant post and brilliant work.
    By Ella-Rose..

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