I (Influenza virus)

September 22 nd  1989 – 2020

There was a man called Chiyaan . He was promoted to be in body building association and he had to wake up early and exercise for the contest and get a strong body. There was another guy who was doing body building and he said to Chiyaan ” I am going to win this “. Then Chiyaan said ” We will see “. Then they show there body’s to the judges and Chiyaan wins. After that the guy punched Chiyaan . He was very angry so he kicked him in the face. Then everyone came and fighted him then it was a disaster. The judges heard a noise so they went into the room and they saw the champion fighting all the other body builders then the judges said ” stop this nonsense. “But they were still fighting, everyone was blood – thirsty. So the judges called every police in Kolkata

The whole police in India police came to the body building association. Then the police said to the judges “you didn’t have to call every single police. He whispered to his police mate.” He is the dumbest person I have ever met” “Anyway what is the problem .” Then the judges said ” the champion was fighting everyone. The dumbest officer said ” congratulations “.another police officer said “Shut Up.We are here to arrest him””OOOOHHHH.” Then Chiyaan said ” no sir one body builder punched me for no reason “. But the judges said ” arrest the champion ” . Then Chiyaan said ” please sir please why are you arresting me, arrest him the guy who started it . Then the guy was laughing . Even the police was laughing . Then Chiyaan was angry and he said ” I will get my revenge “. Now the police was laughing their heads off when he said it.

2 years later still in jail

A police said to the body builder ” I am willing to work with you . ” After the body builder thought for a second and said ” you can’t work with me unless you do a job for me.You have to threaten a nurse and put the Influenza virus into him. Then the police said ” ok.”

So the police officer said to the nurse ” come with me ” . Then the nurse said ” why do I have to come with you ” . The police officer was so angry he got out his gun and he said ” bring the influenza virus with you or I will kill you ” . After,  the nurse brought the influenza virus with her and she came with the hatred police officer . They came to the police station and they open the cell . Then the nurse went inside the cell and she put the influenza virus into him. She put it in the injection then she put it into him .

It was the next morning and Chiyaan woke and he saw the police  officer laughing with the body builder . Chiyaan said ” Why are you laughing at me “. The the police officer showed him a mirror.Chiyaan had massive spots on his face and had a sore throat. Chiyaan said ” What have you done to me ” Chiyaan croaked . The police officer said ” Shall we tell him ” The body builder shouted “Noooooooooooooooooooo,if you tell him I will kill you “. The officer gulped. There was a phone call for the officer and it said that there’s a criminal shooting everyone in Kolkata . So the police officer went to get him . So the body builder and Chiyaan was alone in the police station.

It was night and the body builder was sleeping on the police table.The key to the cell was on the table.The body builder was sleeping right next to it and when he moved the key bounced towards Chiyaan.He grabbed the key,opened the cell and ran away from the police station.”I’ll be back” he whispered.

After Chiyaan went to the hospital and he was finding for an doctor to cure the Influenza virus that was in him . The doctor that put the influenza virus into him saw Chiyaan . The doctor came to Chiyaan and said” I’m so sorry the police officer threaten the me and he said that I have to put the influenza virus into you. I’m extremely sorry . Chiyaan said ” you should have used your brain , oh yeah if you have one , now look at my life. What am I going to do “. In Chiyaan mind he was only thinking about revenge. It was repeating all the time . Chiyaan said to the nurse ” I won’t forgive you unless you do this for me “. They went to the police station and saw the body builder still sleeping . So the nurse got the influenza virus and she put it inside him . Chiyaan said” Like I said I will get my revenge back and I did you puny little body builder .” The nurse bought some rope to tie him up. So they tied him up.

It was the next morning and when the body builder woke he saw Chiyaan out of his cell . Then he saw Chiyaan with a mirror. Body builder said ” what have you did to me “. Chiyaan said ” Look at yourself in the mirror”. He said so he took the mirror and he saw himself and he said ” what have you done to me ” he croaked. Chiyaan said ” remember the competition you fought me for no reason and I said I will get my revenge and I did”. Then Chiyaan threaten the body builder and he said ” what is the police officer postcode and address spit it out or do you want I “. So he said the postcode. Then Chiyaan and the nurse went to his house and they saw him sleeping on the sofa . The nurse put he influenza virus into him . Then Chiyaan and the nurse carried him to the car and they went to the police station because he didn’t want to stay in his house so they went to the police station and they put him on the police table .

It was next morning and Chiyaan tied the police officer just as he did to the body builder . The police officer woke up and he was wondering were he was . He saw Chiyaan and he was with an mirror and the police officer said ” What have you done to me “. Remember the competition when you were about to arrest me and I said I will get my revenge and I did .

A Few Days Later

They were living in the police station and suddenly something was vibrating in their hearts . The body builder and the police officer hearts was vibrating as well. Then the body builder heart stop vibrating and he fell on the floor and he died.Then the police officer heart stop and he fell on the floor . Then Chiyaan’s heart stoped as well . He fell on the floor and he died . There was a funeral for all of them everyone was crying . When the crowd looked at their faces the crowd was confused . They were all confused because there faces didn’t look like that before. They got buried. They died at the end.



Zombie Outbreak

It was a normal day until the sirens boomed all over town and the red flash bounced of every window on the street. Everyone ran cowardly except one boy his name was Asil but there was another boy who saw him. He said “Come on or you’ll die.” Asil replied “They took my mum and for that I will wipe out all of there kind.” The other boy TJ said “Well at least let me help.” “Come on.”said Ilijah and Domonic interrupted “Well if your staying I’m staying.” “Come down to my storage I’ve got guns for all of us and enough ammo to keep us going till next year.”

This is a preview of my story if you would like to read more tell me what you want in it.


Padlet Wonder and Answer

Thursday 25th June 2015
LC: Can I answer a wonder from padlet?

Tiarnae’s wonder

What is a ration book?

A ration book is a book that contains a tick list and if there is a place not ticked and you want food you can give it to the shopkeeper and get your fair share of food. This book makes sure in WW2 that everyone had their fair share of food.

There is also a clothing ration book?

Yes, in WW2 they had to make uniforms for the soldiers and we only got a small amount of materials. They had to do make do and mend organisation so the “townies” can make their own clothing. A clothing ration book included coupons in every page and they could only use 1 page at a time. When it is time to use a new page, the government will say so.

How did rationing start?

When WW2 started, German submarines were destroying Britain supply ships and food couldn’t get to Britain so the government creating rationing! Everyone will get their fair share of food and no one will Hoard too many food, leaving none for others. Rationing ended in 1954.

How did the government make sure everyone had enough food?

The government came up with the idea “Dig For Victory!” This is when the people of London grew their own vegetables. The government said how much of their crops they can eat.

Big B chapter 1 The Death

11:21 Cochin,India December

It was Christmas night and there was a grandma in her house, her name is called Mary. She was a famous teacher who had five sons. They all lived in another area of India. Every single child that lived In that area really loved Mary teacher because she was so kind. She was In bed, then the phone rang. Mary teacher picked up the phone and then she noticed that It was Paulose. Paulose called Mary teacher just to say Paulose’s son was very angry at home because he never got to see Mary teacher. Paulose said “If only you could have came right now,my son will be very happy”. “I will come right now If you want” said Mary teacher. Mary teacher got out of the house and walked to their house. Then he saw a man called Ramesha slapping a boy. Mary teacher asked Ramesha “why are you slapping this boy?” Then Ramesha said “this boy standing in front of me tried to steal two packets of my special sweets”. Then Mary teacher said “what is your name?” Then the boy said “Abu” then Mary teacher said “never steal anything you see with your eyes”. Then Abu agreed what Mary teacher said then he ran back home, after Mary teacher asked Ramesha If there was a taxi (Indian way we call taxi otorisha) but because it was It was late there wasn’t a single taxi. Then Mary teacher thought that instead of taking a taxi she can walk, so she started walking In a dark area, suddenly a gangster came up and kidnapped Mary.

Find out what will happen in the next chapter?


Food Fight

Chapter 1 : Super Hospital

Aragon was a villain who owned a lot of food, he was evil, but didn’t know what evil scheme to pull. His assistant, Adhul said ” You own a ton of food, Master. You could use it for your evil scheme if you know what i mean.” Aravin did own a lot of food, yummy, disgusting, mouldy, out of date, frozen foods, every type!

When Aravin was fighting Damy, the new superhero, Aravin kept on failing. ” You own all types of food, you can at least throw mouldy and rotten things like rotten tomatoes.” Damy said. Aravin thought about it and throwed some tomatoes. All vegetables except tomatoes drained Damy’s powers.

Aravin laughed at Damy, falling down into the city train tracks. A train was incoming,Damy was weak. The train driver saw Damy and tried to stop the train. The train wheels scratched the tracks. Prince was the train driver and he came out, looking at poor Damy, he looked like a deflated balloon.

Prince carried ” The Deflated Balloon ” to the secret compartment in the hospital for the secret superhero ward. Dr Amponsah was looking after Damy and he got a helium balloon pump and put the end in his mouth. Dr Amponsah pushed down the pump again and again until Damy was back to normal. Damy was still weak so he had to go to the superhero gym.

What is E3?

E3 is an event where different brands announce the new technology coming out soon. There are going to be people from Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Alienware, EA, Nintendo and many more. It took place on the 15/6/15 there have been many in the past but this without a doubt was the biggest one in history.

This is one of the trailers for FIFA 16, type this in the search bar on Youtube e3 2015 Fifa 16 Trailer English make sure it is English or you wont understand.

If you would like to see more of what happened in E3 search on Youtube E3 2015 and it will come up with lots of exiting action packed trailers.

Also it is not just new games they are telling they are also talking about the new tech such as new tablets, laptops, Iphones there are so many I cant even name. It is actually still going on until the 18th if you want to watch any of it find out the times on this website http://www.e3expo.com/takeover. Even if your reading this after the 18th you still will be able to watch the videos just not live.

So if you are in to this kind of stuff make sure to comment and tell me what you like or if this is the first time you heard of this even tell me if I have convinced you to watch or if you think it sounds cool.

100 word challenge

War has been agreed, one side wanted more land

Our nation was fighting till the end before

Really it made my tongue tingle

Lately we got all of our recruits to fight their all

Done with our all, we have won the battle and the axis have lost but the allies have won


War is over and the Nazis have failed but they would never give up

Adolf Hitler has lost his aim to get more land

Ruined all the building ruined after a great war a great victory

2 many people were killed to save Britain our great nations

Buddhism – Chapter 1

Buddha means the awakened one or simply awake. So it follows that the one we call the Buddha  has woken up to the truth of his existence. Buddha teaches us that you always care for the poor , elderly and the sick people. He has reached people to care for certain things and help each other.

5 Precepts

1. Not killing or causing harm to other living beings.

2. Not taking the not given.

3. Avoiding false speech.

4. Abstaining from drink and drugs that cloud the mind.

I will give you more information on my next chapter!

By Asmita

K.I.D.S. Chapter 5 – The robot

Now, they started spying on all the parts. There was a left arm, a right arm, a left leg, a right leg, a body that has a hole in it, a head and a sphere. They just didn’t what this was! They would just have to wait until they were done. In the waiting of around 2 years, they made ideas for what was happening. On specialised computers, they tried to join those parts together and see what it makes, but they didn’t have that much luck. They also tried to hack into any cameras which were in the hideout. They were doing all they could, while waiting for ‘Time to steal’ to do whatever they were going to do. Then, after 2 years…

Oh no! There’s an earthquake! What’s happening? In all the places, King Island was cracking and opening and splitting up. And then, out of the darkness of night, in the shadows, there came a massive robot, stomping it’s way to rule the world!

What do you think’s happening? What is this robot? Where has it came from? You’ll find out in the next chapter of K.I.D.S.!

The Falling Abyss (Introduction)

Altair, Master Chief:


It was extraordinary listening to the WOOSH of the laser ray’s, flying past my head each time. I looked around and saw many fallen bodies lying on the ground. Advancing, I ran across the battlefield striking Aconites with the hilt of my gun. I took cover  behind the remains of a hover tank and peeked out. We were losing badly. My mind was racing and I decided to blow their HQ into oblivion. Without thinking I paced towards the humongous building and bumped into an Aconite the size of an elephant. He picked me up and slammed me on the magnum bricks. I wasn’t even thinking about the pain. The only thing I was thinking about is how on earth an Aconite can be so big. When I was about to stand up the Aconite pulled a magnum brick. I looked up and saw a rainfall of bricks. Everything fell on me. I only thought of one thing after that. This war should be called The Falling Abyss….


100 word challenge

Prompt: The ferocious wind

Beavers swimming quickly

Eagerly baby b waiting for his turn

An advantage comes for the little to race

Very quickly baby b wins

Except baby b all the contestants weep

Roaring little beaver shouts, screams hooray


The ferocious wind howls as Philip comes

Owing baby b a big squeaky, and loud hug

Weeping as they stand crying all the babies

Eating their food fast and asking for more

Running up and down shouting and saying

Salute to all at the line

The three boys and the underestimated girl

Three boys called Dhillon,Ilijah,Ashton were playing football and then a girl walked over to                   the boys and said “Can I play with you guys.” They laughed and rudely said “What you a girl, girls can’t play football.”  She took a ball out of her bag and started doing kick ups then she passed to Dhillon. He said ”Ok you and Ilijah Vs me and Ashton” Ilijah whispered ”You owe me.” and the girl said ”One sec’ let me warm up my inner Nikky” Ilijah said ”Nice name, give me a shout when your ready.” Nikky murmured “Lets crush them.”  Ilijah shouted “heads or tails!” Ashton told Dhillon “Go tails you know what they say tails never fails!”  Ilijah threw the coin it was heads. Nikky shouted ”I guess we start” They weren’t happy, they called ”Rush goalie.” Nikky and Ilijah stepped up to the mid Nikky passed to Ilijah and the sound of her boot touching the ball sounded like a bowling ball had fell 50 feet and hit a solid flat piece of concrete.

In this story I am trying to teach people that girls can do anything boys can do so do not under estimate them.

If you liked this story comment and tell me what to do next if you did not like it tell me why so I can improve it.

100 Word Challenge

The wind shattered the doors
As loud as a band
The wind swept away and it was sunny again
Still the day was a cold as a snowball

But the ferocious wind never went away
Until the sunny day
There was short breezes
Not all the time

The weather now  is quite bad
an everyone’s feeling sad
Kids can’t play outside
because of the rain and thee wind flowing by

Some like the wind
and some don’t
But i do
No matter what

The wind is something
You can have
If you want it
So listen to the marvelous wind



Five Nights At Ezra’s (Night 1)

Friday 13th June 2015


It’s Friday the 13th, 11pm at night.

On a stormy night EJ had a call from Jonathan the manager. Jonathan had told Ezra Junior that he couldn’t afford to have the morning or afternoon shifts, so he had the job to be a security guard. As he had to be the security guard, EJ had to learn certain things such as, checking the cameras, making sure everything is turned off, using a flashlight ,the ventilation, no customers were still inside the Pizzeria and that all the doors are locked. EJ had 1 hour till work, he decided to get ready and start heading out to work. It was quite far so it will take a while to get there.


He has arrived,1 minute till his shift. He was the one who was always organised and in time.


His shift has started, things were about to get creepy for EJ. Noises were echoing out from different places. Ezra Junior already knew about the animatronics, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Balloon Boy, Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica,Withered Chica, Withered Foxy,The Mangle and The Puppet. Freddy was the leader of all the animatronics, and Balloon boy was always on Foxy’s side. Nothing was happening so far, everything was perfect! 2 hours later there was flickering of lights and some banging on the vents.


EJ was getting tired of waiting around. So then he decided to explore the area, first he checked out the kitchen. As he went in front of the kitchen doors he heard clattering of dishes and the cutlery inside. EJ pushed the rusty doors open and had a peek around. He notice things on the floor and the camera disabled, EJ looking down at his feet and blood on the floor. Phone guy mentioned about blood on the kitchen floor and The Bite Of 87. He was shocked and stumbled down to his office.


Since he was gone the loud banging of the vents carried on. He saw Toy Bonnie and shut the vents until he was gone. Just then foxy was about to jumpscare till then the clock strike 6:00am everything froze except the guard.


EJ was out of this madhouse and ran back home like Usain Bolt. He never wanted to come back again but to get money he had too.

I hope you enjoyed reading my ‘first night’ at Ezra’s. There is no Ezra in the pizzeria it’s just a name I wanted to use. Please give me feedback and give me some ideas for my next night. Thanks guys!













World Destruction!!!(Chapter one)

My name is Rishi. I was with my friends on the beach. My friends Shilton,Ryan and David:R were asking me to play in the sea with them.  As I went near the sea,something flew past so quickly I almost missed it. It was a meteorite.The earth started to rumble violently.I froze still.Near I could see the meteor crashing into the air. Everyone ran for their lives including me and my friends. We kept on running and we couldn’t stop running. It was so scary the meteor rite was going miles away from France (the country we were living in). Also the meteor was massive. Me and my friends went up the Eifel tower to see where the meteor rite was. Shilton and Ryan shouted at me and David, that the meteor was going to crash in the sea(Antartica). It was going to be a tsunami. The water was going to be really cold. We planned that we would go to the airport and we will get on a plane and will we escape.

Rishi said that “It might not work”. “I agree” replied David. But we still had try.

We were secretly going to the airport. We climbed the fence and we saw a whole lot jumbo jets. David started to say “jumbo jets paradise”. We got into a large and colourful one. We got inside and saw amazing stuff. It looked like we were in first class on the plane. David said “it is beautiful”. We on the engine and we were going up, but we saw water flooding the building. It was coming so fast,we were going up and we….just….dodged the tsunami. We going so high. We just knew now Ryan used to be a pilot. We were lucky because if we didn’t know how to drive a plane we would be smothered by the tsunami. We were going far away from France. We saw the destruction of the tsunami. It was so scary and terrifying.  We so high in the sky.

BOOM!!!we were going down. I checked the time and it was 4:28.BOOM!!!

8:56AM. We were on the boiling, dry  ground. We were on a desert. We also saw the plane which crashed. But we all wondered how we crashed. We saw lots of stuff and we saw Eagles catching there prays.

Ride out (chapter2)

Paul was chasing the twin brother (Shaw). He was chasing him down the main road. Paul was gaining on him but Shaw hit the breaks.Paul didn’t and zoomed ahead.Then once Paul was ahead Shaw zoomed after him.Now Shaw was behind Paul.Shaw accelerated to Paul . Shaw was going to crash into Paul !Paul looked ahead of him but he couldn’t see Shaw. He looked at the side mirror and Shaw was behind him.Shaw was closing in on Paul, Shaw was going to crash into Paul! Just at that moment Paul flung open the door and jumped out . Shaw crashed into Paul car.”Coward”. Shaw screamed, Shaw drove of. Paul got up and stumbled towards the bus.Paul was going incredibly fast in his and when he jumped out of the car he landed face first,spinning around.He got a ticket and sat at the back of the bus. No one was in the bus except a man sitting next to him.” Remember me”. He said with a evil smile .It was Jack,he was supposed to be in jail when Paul found him giving drugs to little children “Jack!” Paul gasped getting to his feet.Paul almost dropped to his feet,he was to weak to move and to weak to fight. Jack pulled out a pistol from his jacket “Bye Bye!”Jack said. Paul was laughing. Jack was laughing. Paul said ” Nice joke brother.”. Jack smiled and put the pistol back in his Jacket. ” How did you escape from the police”. Paul said. ” I tell you later “. ” We have a big bad brother, so we’re are we going”. ” Dubai we are going to get you a new car instead of having broken Lamborghini. There is a new car there, the Lykan Hypersport.” Jack said. Paul said ” oh yeah”.

For Paul


100 WC #32

One day there was a 1 year old boy that had a LEGO figure called Maggie the red head for his birthday. He loved it so much that he swallowed it so that Maggie can be with him forever. Maggie went inside his body then, saw her next to an eagle standing on its food. The eagle came towards her. Before being eaten she grabbed a freezing splash potion. The bird didn’t like that so it decided to be friendly and help Maggie, get home. Maggie told the eagle to bring her home so she and the eagle flew away.

100 Word Challenge By Aravin


Everything was black. There was no stars in my sight. As the dark moon rised above my head, shadows grew bigger around me. There was only me in the night. No sound was to be heard through my ears. But as I walked along the lane, I noticed a shadow behind me. it leaped in front of me and then stopped. So I continued walking and but my legs felt like they dying. Suddenly the furious wind struck apon my spine and I fell over. I looked behind me and saw a living ghost. But then I opened my eyes.

The King and the Deer

The King and the deer

More than 500 years ago, there was once an emperor called King Avici, who ruled the whole of Nepal. But, he was a very wicked person and everyone had a painful job to do. One of his hobbies was killing animals and one day he went to kill a deer. He said to himself wickedly “I will have killed 100 deer if I kill just one more, and I will also be the best hunter ever!”

Meanwhile, in the wild there was a deer, and Buddha had given him and all the animals, the power to talk. The deer’s name was Siddhartha, and he was very clever. With his friends, Abhaya, Ashoka and Nirvana, they had made a plan about what to do if a hunter comes, when they were smaller. Buddha had come to Siddartha today, and he gave him a riddle:

There’s danger coming ahead,

And you may see a light that’s red,

There will also be an evil man,

And this is the time use that plan

They thought about what it meant, but just seconds later, there was a red light shining in front of them. Then came the King, and it looked like the light was the reflection from the King’s crown’s red jewel. But, he was holding a bow and arrow, which maybe meant he was going to kill him!

Then Siddartha started the plan, he stamped legs as hard as he could, and summoned his friends. Then, they came running for Siddartha, and saw the evil King, and knew what to. They started to run around the King as fast as they could, and got the King dizzy. Then he fainted, and Siddartha and his friends started to jump on him, as if he was a bouncy castle.

Later that day, everyone got to know that the King died, by some deer! And Siddartha was now allowed to choose the new King. He chose a very good one, and as another treat, he and his friends were the royal palace pets! THE END!

Moral of the story: Never kill an animal


The Lego figure’s crazy adventure (100 word challenge)

The Lego figure’s crazy adventure

In the future, there was a talking Lego figure and he loved to go on adventures. His name was James, and the only thing he wears is a red top and some blue jeans.

One sunny day, in a forest, James was on a tree stump, but a crow swooped by, grabbed James and shot up to the sky. Then, he and the crow zoomed past buildings, glided through trees and went around the whole city! Then at last, James and the crow landed on a nest and he was so dizzy, that he fell down and went to sleep.


100 Word Challenge

There is a Lego figure which has a coat as red as her hair. There’s a vulture right in front of her. It’s claws are shown as bristles of a hedgehog. The vulture is going to take it’s big beak and eat the little rocks. She is scared because the big terrifying vulture is going to get her. If she makes any sudden movements the vulture will come and get her. She is in big trouble. She nearly could see the vultures head. Then she forced herself to see the head and it was a big chicken. She was shocked.

The happy man until………..

On a tall sharp mountain, lived a wealthy man. He helped everyone,even if they were strangers. It was like that was his job and had nothing else to do. His name was Gotai. Even his name means strongly peaceful.

In one day he gets lots of things to do to help people. He imagined everyone he helped would appreciate his smartness and brave deeds. All that he thinks about is to help people which is a good thing.

One day Gotai was ill and was in hospital he was serious he was going to die, although his body won’t let him to. All of his co-operations wouldn’t let him die. He was breathing in but couldn’t ex-hale properly.

There was only one thing Buddha could do and it was to disguise as an old man and ask him for one more help to give him all the things he had managed to help people. HE put his hand on Buddha and gave him all the helps and about five seconds later he died.

Moral: If you are kind to others, faith re-pays you

Ride out (chapter 1)

The two cars revved hardly. The watching world was cheering for someone awesome. His name is Paul. He was in a team called Ride out. When one person was in jail they all thought what’s point being a team so they split up. Paul was in his Lamborghini Aventedo . They were having a race . They went off. The Aventedor was much faster than the Maserati. The la drifted to the finish line. As soon as he got out of the car he saw someone familiar. It was Derek. He was a murderer. He tried to kill the prime minister so that he could rule the USA his way. But they drove him to a mountain and he fell of the cliff in his car. ” I know what your thinking that I am Derek I am his twin brother you guys are idiots.” He exclaimed to the crowd. He has used reinforcements for his car he has cheated you. Paul went to check his car. He does have reinforcements. The world hated him . The world was everything to Paul. The twin got in the car and he drove of, chasing him…..


100 word challenge by Krishna

The Lego figure is on an expedition to make peace with the peculiar with a colossal and yellow beak that ate these last little pods that looks looked absolutely revolting. It had light brown feathers and puffy skin.The beast wore a red hat that had three bulging points and had these big patches of feathers that allowed it to soar through the air like it possessed magic. The beast was sitting on these three massive pods that were shaking and cracked open to reveal three, yellow minions.They were much smaller and had yellow feathers,unlike the beast, which was a chicken.

100 WC By Adhul Week 32

On a dark and sunny day a lady named”Dokky.” She was a nice person until one day she ate something she never knew she was allergic to it. It was peanuts. So Dokky quickly ran to the doctors and said what is going on with me and the doctor said” Well now you have an allergic reaction to peanuts.” Then she realised it was peanuts. So the doctor said” You are free to go home.” Then quickly the doctor ran out the door and a portal came and when she went through a chicken was right in front of her.

My Ultimate challenge

My whole dream is to be in the sea and sail around the world. The water bottle that I could see it bremains me of the beautiful,blue,bubbling sea. The sparkle in the sea looks like millions of crystal dimonds in the sea.

Sometimes water feels as cold as ice but some water is as warm as a wolly jumper in the winter.

I would like to discover how other countries survive life and what they have to do?

Frediand Magellan was the first person to sail the world unfortunately she died 27th April in 1521 in Mactan Island.She done her best.She was the best inspration.


100 Word Challenge

One day Sally woke up and had cornflakes for her breakfast. She remembered that today was the day she was going to the circus. It was very exciting so she got dressed and walked up to the circus with her friend Mia. When they finally arrived they went to their seats 127 and 128. The show started and the drums started pounding as loud as possible.   There were lots of flexible people doing a lot of gymnastics. A lion sat in a cage feeling very hungry and wanted to eat something delicious. Unexpectedly the lion broke free, everyone ran screaming with terror.

100 word challenge By Krishna

One day at a local circus there was a boy who was hired to do tricks with a ferocious lion.The strange thing about the lion was that the only way to make it do tricks was if you fed it cornflakes. The show was about to begin and the curtains opened. The frightened boy fed the lion cornflakes and it started playing the drums.If you were there,you would find the performance very exciting.The boy fed the lion even more cornflakes and it started dancing.The crowd applauded and the boy started to smile happily.

The Predators (chapter 1-Predators invade)

It was a stormy night and then a lightning struck in the street. Everyone heard the lightning. So they went outside and looked and there was a spaceship. But they didn’t believe it. So they went back into their house. But just when they were about to go in, they saw shadow getting closer,closer and closer. Then they were shivering and shivering until they ran but then the predator dragged the people in the ship and turned them into predators and they were becoming a predator army. Also the predators invade their first country(America). Then they went into their ship and went to invade more countries.When the predators came to a stop. The country they were invading was England. They were rushing until the guardians of England came they also had weapons.They were six people in the crew. Their name’s were Zack,Vill,Trill,Mack,Mag and Ash. Vill and Trill are brothers and Trill is the older one. Also Mack and Zack are brother and sister and mack is the oldest [sister]. Also Mag and ash are brother and sister and ash is older [brother].Zack had a weapon called Orth and same as Mack. Mag and Ash had a weapon called fan. The rest had the same weapon. There were fighting. It was chaotic. The predators (aliens) were destroying everything. Nearly everything was destroyed. But luckily they put a shield over the buildings and the important stuff. The predators started to run away.Then they try chase them down but they just escaped.The guardians of England went back to their headquarters.Then they were guessing were going to come back some day. So they were waiting for them……

My 100 word challenge

The lion that ate cornflakes and danced

Prompt: Use the words lion, drum, cornflakes, exciting and danced

Today the circus came to town, and I was one of the people that attended, but in total over half the area’s people came! It was very exciting and I had seen some clowns juggling pies, a person getting shot out of a cannon, some people walking on a tightrope, and for the finale there was a drum roll. A lion jumped out and roared, then the ringmaster pulled its tail, which made the lion start to eat cornflakes, then it danced. I thought it was very funny (even funnier than the clowns) and this was the best circus ever!


100 Word Challenge

Prompt: X Marks The Spot

I was holding the bottle. It was my dream to be a pirate and I’ve finally seen it! The bottle with the map. I remember my father’s words “X Marks The Spot!” The treasure was in an island over 500km away. I decided to get my private jet there. We arrived there by half an hour. I followed the directions and ended up in a cavern. I made a torch and entered the mouth. I walked and walked until I got tired. I sat down near a stream. I was about to give up until I found the treasure!

Final Quake Chapter 1: Urgent News Report

Setting: Mineshaft
Characters: David A (Hero)
Abirammi (Poor Person)

(NEWS REPORT): Miners have been digging straight down and broke the world, there is a 100.9% chance an earthquake can occur. Prepare yourselfs for the 100th Earthquake of the world, AKA the Final Quake.

” So there is a 100.9% chance an earthquake can occur, so what? The 0.1 percent can still save the world. The world is still gonna stay the same if that 0.1 of underground isn’t mined my us, the miners. ” said David A

” But, But we have been searching for the legendary ore, Tektite and there is a percent has a 100.9% that the Tektite is the 0.1 percent of the world! We need that Tektite to buy us a proper house, its what exchanging can do! ” said Abirammi

” No, do you wan’t to be homeless or for the world to break your house that YOUR GONNA BUY IF YOU MINE THE STUPID TEKTITE AND SELL THE STUPID TEKTITE AND YOUR GONNA DIE! ” shouted David A, furiously.

” Well I wan’t to sell sell sell and be rich with my £10028012083019273 ( 12 hours Later ) 12098309128013231.99 to spend ” replied Abirammi

David A knew that Abirammi was going to mine that Tektite and he had to stop her or the world is going to break and the Tektite probally had a pipe and if its going to break its gonna flood the whole underground world and (Mind Breath) and were gonna go B00M! (Mind Pant) David knew that the 0.1 percent of the underground world is the Tektite as there was 1 left in the world. Will David A stop it in time?

K.I.D.S. Chapter 4- What are they doing?!

They talked with Krishna (the Mystery person who had called them) and went to the Jewel Corner. Then they saw Krishna and asked where he was, he pointed at a tree and they saw him. Then the robber ran away and the team started to catch him. They went through the Mysterious tunnel, on the Crown bridge and inside, wait a minute! They didn’t know what this place was.

It looked like a huge purple and blue castle and on the top it said ‘Time to steal’. Then the robber scanned his business card on the scanner, which was next to the door, and the entrance opened very slowly. The robber went in and when he did, the door closed as fast as a chameleon’s tongue. Then the team ran towards it and used the business card they found (in the first chapter) to get in too.

Inside it looked like a big palace made of gold and there were people working everywhere. On each side there were people making a metal body part and at the very front they were mixing all the jewels and gold they had stole, together, to make a huge sphere.

Riddle of the day (6)

Hi everyone thanks for trying the last riddle.

The answer to the last riddle was that “dinosaurs cannot cook”.If you got the answer right well done. If not better luck next time.

Here is a new riddle ” A boy called jack owned a land post and it died. Why did the land post die?”. I hope this riddle is a challenge riddle for you. Just remember that you should not cheat by looking at the answers on the next riddle.

Here are the steps in estimating:

1.  Think of what the answer could be.

2. Comment on what you think the answer could be, make sure you use reasons backup your ideas.

3. Post your ideas.

Riddle of the day (5)

Hi everyone thanks for trying the answer the last riddle.

The answer to the last riddle was 5, two in the front seats, two in the back seats and one in the trunk.If you got the answer right well done, if you didn`t well done for trying but better luck next time.


Here is a new riddle  “why did dinosaurs eat raw meat?”. Remember don`t cheat by looking at the answers on the next post then answering the question.Good luck.


100 word challenge

Waiting for the plane Is so dull no I don’t even get to do anything. I feel very frustrated about this but once I reach India. I will be so hot that I could faint In just one second. That had happened to me once at the airport when I had reached India but I never fainted though. The sun could be beaming In my eyes If I look at It. I think that there’s a lot of Mosquitos biting people’s blood. My sister (Ann) Is scared of everything, she scared of the lizard, cockroaches, bees, millipede and a fly.


The Exotic Revenge

The wind pushed my mind as I sat on my car. I was lucky to be a millionaire but Im not going to show you how. I was recommened to buy a super car which is called the Buggati Veyron. Its amazing to drive in and I do get off guard with my speed limit because you can ramage this like the spped of light. Anyway what was I doing? I took out a newspaper and looked at the first article. It says that there is a new building at LA and there looked like there was a very big a place with libaries and restruants. It looked eye catching to me so I though I would check it out. In my car I located my GPS and it said that it was only 21 minutes away which was not too bad.

The Building           4:46PM

From my view it looked very cool looking on the outside and it even had an awsome pizza place. I so had to try them out so I took out a couple dollars and pushed myself inside. There were a lot of people in there and I thought it would be a really popular shop. The shop even had a theme which was these three characters. They looked like monsters but two looked like a fox and a dog. This really made me think about Five Nights At Freddys because I used to hate it when I get caught by Foxy on the LAST NIGHT. When I looked carefully I really did see it being Foxys brother. Anyway I waited in que and finally got the order. I got the pizza and it tastes so, so, so TERRIBLE. I can’t believe that it was so much GARBAGE. The day went to early night and you get to get a tour of the kitchen place. So I went in and for a reason it smells pretty good. Because the job was new they told me to fill in the final space. I thought for  a couple days it would be good. Well I THINK so. I agreed and done the stuff and we were going to clean the place. So I grabbed my broom and when I went in there, there was nobody. THIS REALLY SCARED ME!

The Night of Me Crying…. :(         9:21PM

So when I realized they were so here next to me I did not know what to do. To top things of it was 9:21 I REALLY was in a good situtation. I was sure that I would not clean because there would be no point. SUDDENLY I hear a noise which shook my brain. I was brave so I found a torch……which was very weird but luckly. I turned it on and saw things clear like a sapphire. There was nothing here. I looked at the two characters and when I did I had a very BAD feeling. The sky turned dark and liitle stars started to appear. But when I saw that……….

What Is Happening?   10:13PM

I found myself dead straight on the floor. A shove wave had just ran passed me which probely made me faint. Asoon as I touched the table to help me come up the lights came on. My heart felt better. There was things to see and discover but not for too long. Suddenly the lights flashed red and I know I was in grave danger. At the end of the kitchen I heard a man say an announcement through a speaker.” Anyone who is in the kitchen be caution, there is a creepy thing which just ran passed the CCTV cams.” Whoever is here I want you to get out or find yourself in a sticky situation.” “What?, I say”. Why would there be such things like this? I was needing to find this man so I once again took the torch and headed upstairs. As I carefully went upstairs. I never believed it! It was the speakers. It was massive but when my eye looked at it, a wave of air passed my mind. It looked like a ghost. This probely was the thing? But when I just finished that sentence, a door behind my was locked. I felt like I just being hit my a gun many times. The door looked like it was looking at me with a fierce look.

My Risk In There         10:38PM

I wanted to find out what was happening what . I felt very scared about it( being honest). But you know what. I did not want to be a little kid so I risked it for a chocalate biscuit. I ran to the speakers and said “Hello is anyone there” but I found no signal. I was not even sure if the speakers were working. Surley the man was using this one. Why would there be lots of them. When I left the speakers I heard a quiet voice saying” I will come and see”. The voice was like a little girl and that was a very bad signal. There was a second door which led to a massive hall. It almost looked like a gym. On the walls it was scrapped and broken. But I saw something very strange. There were pictures of people in a school. So this place I think used to be a school. Every couple minutes later there is things getting stranger. The hall was massive and I thought of leaving this area and check on the speakers. I ran to it and I just realized that there was also a camera. I looked on that and I saw the ghost. The man said that it was something strange so this must be the one he used. But where did he go? On to my right I met a narrow fire exit but then.”Whoa, whoa what!”. The ghost I saw on the cameras jumpscared me in massive shocked. For a split second I saw the face of a the ghost and it looks like a girl. But when I think about it, I did hear a girl before. My face shook into fright. A second anouncment came. “Whoever is in here get out please I found a ghost or something so run out, I am the security man of this place and I am in the second Generater System if there is trouble, Please g…….” Why did the man stop? I think the ghost got him and caught him. I need to find him. Next to the fire exit there was a room which said “ DONT’T ENTER, ENGINE ROOM”.This surley is not the generatator room. There was no handle to the door but there was a keycode. You have to type a certain password I think? I was not sure where to get the password. I dont even know if I want to go.                                                What Have I Been Doing?                    11:00PM

The main foucs was to try find the generator room and help that man. I looked back of what I had just been doing. From driving peacfully in a super car, to finding stuff ina haunted place. Also had just thought about it.Where are the other people who were  asking me to help clean the kitchen. I think there up to something.

Hi people, I just wanted to say a thank for reading the post. I hope you comment on the post for feedback and I would to try to get my second chapter up:)

12345 World At War (part of the 12345 series) Chapter 2 By Krishna

…”How dare you take out all of my minions! Now you will play the price!” shouted Aquadon. Jackson was now a cat frightened out of it’s wits. He ran around in circles, not focussing on where he was actually going. “I will crush you like a bug if I have to!” Aquadon said, angrier than ever. Jackson knew it was now or never. Without warning the whole atmosphere turned blue and Jackson and Aquadon were in a bubble which looked like was in the sea.”If you can’t take out me you cannot take out the leader of Water,” said Aquadon.”I may not really know who I am fighting but that doesn’t mean I will not stop at nothing!” exclaimed Jackson. With that he became a cyclone but he literally became a cyclone, spinning around and increasing the momentum every second he spun. Aquadon ran away in discreet, warning all of the Aquas to activate the Aqua Blaster.

Right in front of a was a massive blue blaster which looked like a ballista that the Romans used to use during enemy attacks. Aquadon jumped in and blasted right towards Jackson. He closed his eyes and wished this all was a dream when nothing happened. He opened his eyes to see a shimmering golden bubble protecting him from Aquadon. “What? He has already unlocked The Light shield of Donadragon! Impossible! I have had enough of your foolishness so now I will defeat you once and for all!” Aquadon charged towards Jackson with his his sword when Jackson used his to block his attack and push him to the ground.”Goodbye Aquadon,” Jackson siad heroically and with that he stabbed his chest and Aquadon was no more.”Well that’s one general down.” ” Not yet it isn’t!” said a voice. Jackson turned around to see Aquadon but now in black and blue. He trembled from head to toe.

“Behold the dark version of Aquadon! All generals get two lives and the second life is the stronger version so come at me know and find out what happens.” “Ha Ha Ha!” chuckled Jackson. “What you laughing at? Do you think this is funny?” demanded Dark Aquadon.”You got no weapons, I do,” replied Jackson. “We’ll see about that, ” said Dark Aquadon. Dark Aquadon now made everything around them black.


12345 World at War, (part of the 12345 series) Chapter 1 By Krishna

It is 12345 and the world is in a terrible state but it is clear there was no stopping whatever had done this.This was proved wrong until a great day of 12345 came;Jackson.This mythical journey to saving the world started on one of the worst days of the destruction.The boy had a glimpse of a vision.He saw face,but not an ordinary human face, a monstrous face of a creature and a voice saying “stop them!” in a chanting way.When he had woken up he saw an eye blinding sword which was golden. He picked up and felt an instant charge of electricity.

A hideous,mesmerising monster with a strange body shape and one red eye with blue skin ran up to him and Jackson slashed his sword while closing his eyes and then opened them.He had actually killed a horrific monster, it now looked like something you would find in the trash. Jackson referred back to the voice in the method and that is what it meant by stopping them but it seemed like the monster that he killed was the only one.He looked out to see a massive wave crawling across the rocks of wherever he was. Jackson ran in supreme terror.

However long it felt like running it seemed as though he was not moving at all until the wave crashed against him and what happened next was all a blur.He couldn’t open his eyes and heard voices saying,”Take him to General Aquadon for he would move us to the higher levelled Aquas for capturing the boy with the mystic sword of Donadragon.” He then opened his eyes to see thousands of creatures that looked like the one he killed earlier. Tom looked ahead to see another one of them wearing shining blue armour and shouting,”Today is a great day as we Aquas have retrieved the mystic sword of Donadragon plus a sacrifice to the mighty Artemis!” There was a sudden burst of cheering.

Without even thinking why he said it, Jackson shouted,” Tell me what’s going on or I will kill all of you!” “This boy is worthless to Artemis until we tell him what is happening! The world is ruled by Artemis,our leader, and then there are leaders of each element and there are five of them.Then in the elements there are generals like me who control different levelled creatures.”  Jackson grasped his sword tightly and the sword dragged him around everywhere bashing and swaying around like a maniac.

Finally it stopped and in front of him was Aquadon who was puffing out of his noses as heavily as he could.

What will happen next? Will Jackson defeat Aquadon? Well stay tune on the blogs to find out in the next chapter.



Riddle of the day (3)

Hi Guys the answer to the last is Joe said the score would be 0-0 and he was right. “Before” any football game starts, the score is always 0-0.


Here is a new riddle :I start out long  hen I become short teachers use me in School   What am I ?

 You will find out the answer to this riddle on tomorrow`s riddle.Good luck in finding out the answer.

The Fresh Crew (2)

So the day started like this, so Principle Bundle shouted “The crew have entered the building!” Then after about $100 worth of lunch money the crew actually ate their lunch and secretly outside the nerds,geeks and dorks are having a meeting.So it went a little bit like this “We need to join forces said Nerdion (the champion of nerds) and we can beat them with maths to calculate how much they owe us and then put them in the the Nerdozer. YEAH they cheered!.”But then principle Bundle said”What is it that your planning ” Nerdion quietly spoke up”wee wee” Principle Bundle shouted “2 HOURS DETENTION ALL OF YOU,THERE WILL BE NO POTTY MOUTH AROUND ME” Then Nerdion cried”wee wee ar…”and he was stopped by a loud “3 HOURS!”

Riddle Of The Day? (2)

The answer to the last riddle was… a match if you guessed then you are right Well Done 

Now for the next riddle-
Joe Bet Tony $100 that he could predict the score of the football match before it started. Tony lost an Joe won the bet why did Joe win the bet?

This is a tricky one if you guess this you can definitely star in the next riddle of the day! 

Five Nights At Ezra’s (Intro)

Thursday 5th June 2015


One sunny day there was a boy called Ezra Junior as known as EJ. He went downstairs to get the London Evening Standard newspaper from his doorstep. EJ had a peek from the front cover, it said HELP WANTED AT EZRA’S! Ezra Junior needed a job so he thought of working at Ezra’s. Before he can get the job he had to call the manager… Jonathan. He dialed the number 079 123 080 RING! RING! RING! Jonathan answered, he had a small chat with EJ. The manager had written down details about Ezra Junior, his first day was on Friday 13th June.


The Fresh Crew

The crew has entered the building is what Principle Bundle shouts on the radio when the crew come in to the lunch hall. No-one actually liked the Fresh Crew they just would beat anyone up if they did not bow down or give them their lunch money. So let me introduce you to Teck the billionaire boy with his little monitor device he had everyone’s credit card details and he expected at least $10 a day. Next we have Billy the Bulldozer strongest guy in the school if you don’t do what he asks he puts you in the Bulldozer where Teck gives the guy in the Bulldozer &100(for hospital bills and to keep hush hush if you know what I mean). Then Billy puts you against a brick wall and rams in to you and the wall breaks.

What do you think of my story so far and of the Fresh crew?

100 word challenge

There was a horse which was chasing me down Ockley road. I accidently took her food and gave it to my horse. So that’s why the horse is chasing me. It has a green saddle on it. It chased me all around Croydon. I was so thirsty. So I his somewhere and it couldn’t find me. I went to buy water but it found me. There was no time to buy water so I ran so fast that I beat Usain Bolt’s record. There was this pipe in the middle of the pavement and trip over it. There was a man and he said” be careful”. Thee was a swimming pool and I swam as fast as I can and when he came I his in the swimming pool.

100 word challenge

It was on a relaxing day when a boy called Tim was sitting on his couch, when a boy called       Tim was sitting on his couch ,he thought he had heard a horse. So he went to his  mum and saying “there is a horse in our fields” but  all his mum said was ” Nonsense this boy is crazy. Tim got angry and broke the kitchen pipe. He ran from home and got to a lake. He swam all the way to the other side.He saw the horse and carefully untangled him and kept him and also lived a happy life

The last three chapters of Tim the eye sight hero of egypt

After Plant Lady had her death Sups Muck was so furious that one of his villain friends Plant lady had her death that he transformed from the normal Sups Muck to a Sups Muck you would never want to fight with. ” You will pay for that Super man” said Sups Muck furiously. Soon Joker got one of his evil cards, that card he got out was the best and most evil card he ever had in the history of evil. Green Lantern saw that there was a card that was so evil that it could cause the death of one strong super hero. Green Lantern used his incredible, powerful ring and then he created a strong rope. He tied up Joker then strangled him Joker was then dead. “What, the Joker is dead how dare you kill Joker that is one of my villain friends. ” Now you have to deal with me Sups Muck the unbeatable person in Egypt” said Sups Muck immediately. Suddenly Tim said ” if we have defeated Plant Lady and Joker then we can make super Sups Muck have his death”.

Soon Sups used his laser and  strikes at Flash then said “ha ha ha ha ha you are just perfetic humans who are just rubbish at fighting villains, you are no match for me “.”We are the protectors of Earth and we can stop any villain there is on any planet”. Flash got up then started running again then held Sups Muck by the hands ” Super man use your hot lava on his hands then Green Lantern you use you strong and powerful ring to create the strongest rope ever made on earth. Super man used his hot lava and managed to cut of Sups muck`s hands so he could not touch anyone then Green Lantern created the strongest rope on earth then he tied it around Sups Muck`s neck strangled him then finally Sups Muck was dead. ” Hurrah Sups Muck has finally has his death but I would not have done it without your help Super man, Green Lantern and Flash it has been a pleasure meeting you people from the team of Justice League. ” Thanks Tim anyway we enjoyed it too by Tim”. So from that day on Sups Muck and his beasts were destroyed from some brave super hero`s.

Thanks for reading my last two chapters did you enjoy this story. Now you have finished the story of Tim the eye site hero of Egypt. You will now enjoy the New adventures of Revenge. Comment on my post then do a story so it will help me on my next post.



Speech as Macbeth

I strongly believe that i have nothing to do with this matter. My sick cruel wife kept going on about how i am a coward and cowards don’t believe in their selves and things like that are horrible. Furthermore,she kept going on about her queen life ,royalty life and how desperate she was. I kept saying no but would that ruthless woman listen to me? My wife is the immoral,you  would not know what terrible things she does. This illegal act has nothing to do with me the delinquent wife of mine did everything do you know how drunk the guards were they could of automatically died. See my hands their clean their spick and span do you see anything on my hands i don’t think so. The dagger was not mine you can’t prove anything infact if you can, where is your evidence? I never seen such a thing like my wife the technique she used to make the guards drunk, i never seen a woman as devious as her. I am honest and i will never do such a thing but my wife she will lie and move on. You would never know anything about her because you never lived with her or married her.My last sentence is going to be that i have nothing ,nothing to do with this case. I have done nothing wrong and i strongly believe that  she was the one who killed king Duncan. She is a big liar. I would never kill King Duncan, i will never kill a friend a friend who gave me the title Thane of Cawdor.

By Meera


Princess precious chapter 1

One day there was a very lonely princess she was living at a care home waiting to be fostered. On Monday 2 May a lady came to the care home and asked if they had any princesses living there and they did.When Princess precious spent the day with the lady, she said hi I am Queen question of Netherlands. The princess was so surprised from what Queen Quetion said.  The queen fostered her and they both lived in a castle in Netherlands.

The next day they both went swimming in there garden. When they went into there garden there was no water in the pool. This was a mystery for them. They went back inside and saw natal of the paintings had been smashed to little tiny pieces on the sender floor. She was so scared she ran to her room and found a burgular inthe closet. It had a sack full of the queens Jewlry in side it. AAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Precious screamed and the gourds came and took him away and into the dungeons.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter of Princess Precious.

I would like some comments on what I could do better for my next chapter?

In A Village,Lagos Prologue

It was a normal day in Lagos well for everybody except Ray he thought everything  was normal but really the day hadn’t started. When he thought he was going to have a normal day at work really he was going to walk in the door and see the place trashed. Also he will find his best friend on the floor with one arm. 

What should I add to the whole story and what will happen next?

100 Word Challenge

Words: Pipe Swam Green Carefully Horse

I was walking carefully through the wet green grass until I saw a horse. It was on the other side of the river. Without thinking, I jumped into the frost-biting blue deathhole and swam towards the beautiful creature. Once I got to the creature of wonder, I made a quick fire to warm myself up. I jumped on the beauty and we were off! Flying through pipes like it was nobody’s business. We were having so much fun until we saw an old man. He got horsey? He killed her! I woke up to find out it was a dream.


One day there was a tiny little horse who couldn’t get to his balcony so he had to climb up his Green moldy pipe. He needed get his food from his house so he wouldn’t starve. So he began climbing up the pipe but then lots of murky water came crashing down.Then he swam up very carefully and he finally reached the top and he had a feast. He invited over many friends called Carl, Lou, Denis, Jack and randy they turned up but they couldn’t get to the top so he had a lonely feast. Then he let out a “BUUUUURRRRPPP!” “What a day!”

The next part of the story Tim the eye sight hero of Egypt

After some hero`s and villain`s arrived the great battle begun soon flash started sprinting as fast as he could like in a flash of light turning on a light switch. Then Villain plant lady called all of her plants to attack Flash luckily flash was too fast for some plants to go chasing after him inside a 1,000 year old temple with a magical diamond that could break with a drop on the ground. “Super man helllppp” Super man saw who was calling strait at him it was flash. Super man started to get up and fly over to help flash. “Get him now” demanded Plant lady with a shake “Before he kills me and you”. When the aim of a plant hit super man he saw that the plants were aiming at him so he used hot red lava and killed Plant lady and her plants.

Read on the story with a next chapter, give me comments so it could help me on the next chapter. Predict on what will happen then see if your prediction was right.

Tim the Eye sight hero of Egypt

Tim the hero of Egypt
On a dark and stormy night just perfect for one of the crimes of evil. A villain called sups muck came into Egypt to steal the golden diamond of gullies. Sups muck was an old villain trying to keep the diamond forever. As soon as Muck got inside an ancient temple of hemline. There was a rumble bam and crash ” what is the matter with this old temple wile I just need to find that magical diamond”. Meanwhile at Tim’s super hero office there was a beep repeating over and over again ” something is wrong in the ancient temple of Hemline ” as soon as he checked all of Egypt  he saw one horrible person in an ancient temple. 
“The horrible villain Sups Muck”. “Who is that asked” a strange voice hiding in the corner of Tim`s hideout. “Is that you super dog” ( Just a random sikick). “Yes it is me super dog”. During some excitements, in the temple villain Muck had found an old scroll lying on a spider web well this was not an old spider web actually the spider was poisones spider soon the spider came looking at the wicked villain fiercely, “you are a wicked villain you are try to find the ancient diamond of gullies but it is my duty to make sure that treasure stays in the right hands” said the fierce and poison spider.
Suddenly a strong hero bashed through a giant whole of the temple “behold the captain of all Egypt and also known as super Tim”. Soon villain Muck had seen Tim the hero so then they both raced to the arena of the temple. “Think you can beat me do you well I shall keep the diamond and be the king of Egypt for the whole of Egyptian centuries”. “Well we will see who will win the great battle”, in a flash of light some super hero`s appeared. The names of the super hero`s were Super man, Green Lantern, Flash and Tim. Suddenly The Joker, Plant lady and Sups Muck Had there battle.
To find out what happens to Tim and he others read the next to posts of the adventures of Tim the eye site hero of Egypt.
What do you think of my post is it fantastic or boring, give me some comments of what will happen next in the story and give me advice for the next two chapters.

All of the Spanish I know!

Los Colores.


Rojo Verde Naranja Azul Amarillo Negro.

Red Green Orange Blue Yellow Black

El cuerpo humano.

Human Body

Cabeza Homobros Rodillas Pies Ojos Orejas Boca Nariz

Head Shoulders Knees Toes Eyes Ears Mouth Nose



Me llamo Ilijah Tengo Diez anos. Yo donde vives Croydon Hasta manana

My name is Ilijah I am 10 years old. I live in Croydon See you later.



Zombie Apocalypse (New Character)

This is the first part of my story which I wrote a long time ago so to remind you read this. 

One day a nuclear bomb hit northern France and it wiped out and destroyed everyone apart from the four survivors Ilijah,Josh(Ilijah cousin),Brydon(Ilijahs best friend) and Domonic (Ilijahs other cousin.)They had discovered a single zombie then another then another until everyone on this earth had turned in to zombies. All of the Zombies had ran in to a corner and they created a gooey lime green ball and it was a zombie spawn. Josh and Ilijah  knew the legend of the ice and the fire staff and Brydon and Domonic knew about the lightning and wind staff. They could make the elemental staffs but first they need to get all of the parts they had to get a shovel each to get the Ice staff and they need to find and power up the tank to get lightning.So to get the wind staff they need to have the lightning to open the giant robot in the sky and  finally to get the fire staff they had to defeat the little robot called the panzer but you need the wind to strike at the panzer then you have to power up all 6 of the generators to get the claw of the fire then with the ice you have to shoot down the plane on fire. As well to get any of the staffs made you have to build the music player which plays a magic tune and opens a portal to get the final piece.

They started digging they already found one part they made sure that the zombies were still at the spawn they were but there was 300 more zombies than before. They had found all three parts but they only had one of the music player so they climbed over all of the ruble and debris and found the next part. They dug and dug until they found the portal they put the music player down and it created a blue portal they all went through and Ilijah picked up the crystal and took it to the tank and he found a crafting bench they had the ice staff. They activated the tank and at the same time as riding it Ilijah shot the fire plane he threw it to Josh he put it in his back pack. They arrived at the first pick up point and Byrdon jumped of and put the part in his back pack. After that he had to chase the tank luckily he got on. It was Domonic’s time to jump of he got the part and got back on the tank he gave the part to Byrdon he only needed one more part Josh was going to get the last one because he was 14 he could get to the far one he was quickly back on the tank he gave the part to Brydon. Then Byrdon said ”cheers Josh we need to stop in a minute to get to the portal.” The tank came to a stop they started digging but they was worried the zombies would have increased there troops. So they eventually opened the portal and Brydon got the crystal and he made the lightning and they was close to the tank so they didn’t have walk far they went back to the spawn and shot the zombies they all started following them they ran and they found this box it was like a weapon locker they paid it 95p it gave Josh a random weapon it shot green fire they gave it another 95p so Domonic could have a weapon it gave him something that fire 50 bullets per second. They was ready they just needed one more thing, the staffs.


Chapter 2

So they was going back to the middle section to upgrade the staff so when they picked up all of the debris they found a man lying there they didn’t know if he was alive. So Brydon shot him with the heal staff and he stood up and said ”Ahhhhhh Zombies so many Zombies Kill Zombies Im gonna die I will lose my blue fiery MGO8.” Then Brydon shouts ”Chilllllllll bro whats your name” then he replied with ”Ok Ok but am I gonna die oh yeah my name is Asil I have the MGO8” He said that with empathy. Ilijah said smoothly so Asil you ready to cause some wreckage and blast some zombie brains.” Asil exclaimed ” WHOOHOO and one more thing will I die in the process” They all shouted”No” and Domonic said” We better get moving because look.” and they was a swarm of zombies. They needed to make the Lightning staff so they went through the next portal they have the lightning staff. They had to get to the middle to upgraded the staffs. Finally they reached the destination and Asil said”Hey I remember this place if you look at the top of the church a jumpsker will be activated and you will know the all the locations for the staff parts.

What do you think of this chapter what will happen next it depends on you for the next?

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100 Word Challenge

As the moonlight glows on the dark street,
No one dares to step forward,
They’re all in their houses as no cars go by

There are lot of glowing lights so people can see,
But no one dares to open their windows as you can see,

There’s no one walking by,
Is it midnight or is it the early night?

Why isn’t anyone walking by?
Is it because of the night,
Or is it because they’re scared to come outside,

Is my imagination getting in the way,
Or will my questions be answered today,
Oh please be the next day

By Meera

The Adventures Of Domonic,Ilijah and Asil

It was a normal day at school with Ilijah, his cousin Domonic and his best friend Asil they were outside playing with their friends Darnell, Ohm, Joshua, Ashton, Dhillon, Anton and Elvin. They were playing Cops and robbers when an actual police officer came in and said “You are under arrest for fraud you have the right to remain silent anything you say may be given in evidence” Then Domonic explained “We are just playing a game of cops and robbers” the officer said “Okay I have to take you all to America and arrest you.” The school phone the kids parents and they came to the airport straight away. He they were too late so like the advert they grabbed Diet Coke and went. They had to pay to bail them out then straight away they started playing it again and they got 2 months. Then finally two months passed by and they were out they flew back to England and they were banned from playing cops and robbers.


Not long after the sun had risen there was a boy named Anthony-Jnr was venturing the woods and then he found a motorbike a quad bike and a couch. This boy was obsessed with bikes and knew every inch of bike and he chose to sit on the sofa. But when he sat down he fell through a gap in the sofa and he was in a whole new world and it was amazing. Anything you thought happened and then he thought about if there were no bikes in the world and they all disappeared Anthony needed to get out.

K.I.D.S. Chapter 3-We’ve got a new plan

They thought for a long time, until Prince came up with a plan. He told everyone what to do and they agreed to do it. The plan was to put and hand out posters around the city. Jeijan made the posters, Prince dropped posters out of a helicopter, around the city, and Damy and the Owner of the Kings Island Museum put posters around the city.

-The posters had a brown background, a picture of the robber, a big ‘WANTED’ in black, and the reason to why he’s wanted, ‘He is wanted for stealing priceless and precious jewellery’, and it also said that if you find him, straight away call the Police/K.I.D.S. Detectives and you’ll get a reward of £100,000.-

When they had finished, they came back to K.I.D.S. HQ and rested for a bit. After some minutes, they got a call. They answered it and person  said “I think I found the robber”.

Do you think he’s saying the truth? And if he is, is it really the robber? All your questions will be answered in the next chapter!


What’s in the news?


Watching  the Northern lights touching sunrise from space was amazing. The Northern lights are caused by the movement of the solar wind a stream charged particles escaping the sun and our planets magnetic field and atmosphere. These changed particles which are known as excite gases are in our atmosphere, that make them glow like gas in fluorescent tube.

On Thursday experts say amateur stargazers have the best chance in years of seeing them in all there glory and hard work. The powerful rays can communicate/interfere into the airline navigators system, satellite’s and even space NASA crews.

In my opinion I think  that this is very fascinating because it is very rare and doesn’t happen constantly. Additionally it is very delightful because they were only a few at a time and you wouldn’t get to see them every day of your life. If you live near the countryside you can get to see it. The reason for that is because they can only transport if the skies are clear and here in Croydon the skies aren’t clear at all, It is always cloudy.



Lessons in life

Day 2


Today when I was feeding my brother when he was eating his food. At first he was spilling the food until i started feeding him. After he refused to eat because he wanted my compass, I also refused to give it to him so he started crying. I  decided to just give him the compass and put his food in the kitchen. I then also decided to wait till my dad got back from work so that he could feed my brother. My lesson today is that if you cannot deal a problem by yourself always ask an adult to deal with it instead of making it worse.


Do you think I should have dealt with the problem

Can I apply to a job of a team leader?


Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Asmita and I am only 10 years old, but I am very good at leading a group. In my past year, I have led many groups and they have been very successful as it has gone to plan. I am fantastic at handling money because I have know my times tables since year 2. I’m absolutely certain that I would be the right person for the job, as I am responsible and sensible.Being the leader of my group would have a great impact on them, as I will work hard to collaborate with them. I have been responsible and sensible by taking things seriously when given a important role.

I strongly believe that I am right for the job because a few weeks ago, I  was chosen to lead a group, as everyone thinks I am capable of leading my own group. Guess what? Leading my group to success I made sure everyone collaborated ensuring excellent team work, when we had to make really tough decisions. For an example, we had to choose our own business. I have also led a wake up and think, when it gets too wild, I calmed people down and make sure they were listening to each other.

As a child I have a lot of knowledge on ICT as I have presented my work on prezi many times, even when I was making a film for the governors. I even got chosen to make a film for the governors. I also go on the blog a lot and comment on posts , adding a lot of detail to my comments. When I was making the film for the governors, I made sure everybody’s opinion and respected their rights to be heard. I have also used their opinions to make our fantastic film. At school I have used taxegdo loads of times at to present my work.

In my opinion, I think that I would be fit for the job because I am a good role model, and I have been awarded an independent licence as I get loads of work done by the end of the week. If I can do this, O can get my business ready in no time. I would be able to get my business ready at the right time. I am very capable of being a leader as I have been a presenter of a iMovie. Also I am always organised, and I know what I am doing. Don’t you think an organised peso. Would be fit for the job? I think I wouldn’t perfect for a leader job as I am very talented and skilful.

By Asmita


Apprentice Fair


As our topic in year 5 is can I be the next apprentice we have to do something called an apprentice fair where we will all be put in groups to our own sell.in our groups who ever makes the most money will have there money earned in gift cards and the rest of the money will go into school products..

Come to our apprentice fair there will be a lot of things to do and to eat. As well as that there will be a car wash for all adults with cars that would like to get them washed. This fair will be better than ever. You can’t miss it if you do you will be  missing out on so much. There will be things like drinks, sweets, crisp, Donuts, ice cream, car washes, sweet snack packs. and games. This will be a day to remember not to forget. You can try new things that you have never tried before and there will be a lot of options of things you can buy. Make sure to come and when you do come to the sell with the group named Sweet Treats.

By Tiarnae.






Lessons In life

Day 1

Monday 23 February 2015

Today I was going home when someone offered my mum and me a ride to our house. So we were walking to the car, my mum asked where the car was the lady said that it was a ten minute walk from here. We thought she was just joking when it was true it was 10 minutes .So we learnt that just because life is hard and you want it easy you never know that easy things are actually hard.

Do you think that you should do things the easy way or the hard way?

100 Word Challenge – Dull Boy

Once there was a dull boy, he was a Grey drawing and he was the most BORING boy ever. Nobody sat near him, they were all natural but he wasn’t. His mother packed him half a sandwich and a bar that had a boy who can climb anything if he eats the bar. After lunch, he had to do P.E and he hated P.E, it made him so miserable. This session he had to do some long jumps, when it was his turn, he jumped like a hyena! He jumped so high everyone thought he was awesome! He wasn’t Boring!

Hörrïbłé holïdãŷ (the horror of Aravin)

Now of to the Cinema. And all of the cinema thing we watched Captain America! Yeah. Aravin was so addicted to it and saw Captain America was real (not actually real) also then now I noticed that he really had magic power’s. Aamina disagreed that he had no power’s it’s just fake. Captain America said that now I’m going to spawn a monster. But the worse part is that he jumped in his way and every one was like HAHAHAA! I don’t know why and now Aravin has turned into a horrific monster. Ezra and Prince said that “he’s going to role the world!” Also Alen just jumped on my face and keeps on smiggling me (I really hated that) by the way the smiggle bros just came and helped us (that is Alen, Krishna, Adhul and Aravin but he is the smiggle monster) and we were trying to find out how this happened but I don’t need to help them how it happened so I just told them to follow me and I told Captain America to give me powers if he don’t I would punch him so hard he won’t recognise who he is HAHAHAA!

After the HAHAHAA stuff what will happen after when he was a monster did he went to a random country HAHAHAA! Good times good times.

By sabaoen

100 Word Challenge

Once there was a boy named Micheal who went on a hike and only brought a sandwhich. He climbed mountains and hills and all sorts, he felt miserable. He was melancholy because he thought that he should have stayed home. On the way home he saw the trees and bushes rustling. It kept going on and it turned out to be a vicious grey Hyena. It had claws as long as a saber and wanted to fight Micheal. Micheal went to hide and his bag fell on the floor and the Hyena turned out to be hungry and ate the sandwiches.

100 Word Challenge

words I have to use:sandwich, grey, miserable, hyena, climb

Once there was a boy named jack his friends asked him on a trip to the forest. So his mother packed him a big sandwich and a drink and put it in a pepper pig lunch box which was his sister’s. Jack was miserable because his friends saw him then lashed at him. So on the way to the forest he had to climb over rocks and had to climb a hill. On the way home he saw a grey hyena staring at him. Jack knew that he was a worthy target so he screamed and ran home.

Thank you for reading my 100wordchallenge I hope you enjoyed it. Please give me feedback on what I should improve on next time.

by Joilline

100 word challenge

There was a boy called Tim and he went to explore a desert, he walked and walked until he got hungry. So he got his sandwich but then the wind blew some sand on his sandwich, but he didn’t mind so he ate it all up. Then after he went to walk on a pyramid and he climbed to the top, but then he felt miserable of himself. He went inside the pyramid which was grey, but by then he saw lots of gold and a sculpture of a Hyena. It looked amazing and so, Tim took some gold.

Mini Messi and Mini Ronaldo

One day Ronaldo and Mini Ronaldo were outside soaking up the sun by the pool and then randomly they both picked up their phones. They both said the same thing ”Santiago Bernabeu i’ll be there 4.00 on the dot.” They looked at each other and jumped in the pool and five mins later they both had a football in their arms and their kit on. After that they both clicked and a car pulled up next to them they both got in and drove to Bernabeu. Messi and Mini Messi were standing right there waiting for them. Ronaldo passed to Messi and Mini Ronaldo passed to Mini Messi.
Messi said”First to five.” Then Ronaldo agreed and said ” Mini stay back its rush goalie street rules. So they played Ronaldo went up to Messi doing so many step overs it made his feet smoke then he done flip flap and Messi didn’t fall for it. So Ronaldo done air flip flap and made Messi fall over then he was one on one with Mini Messi so Mini Ronaldo came up then Ronaldo chipped it to him and he done a scorpion kick. 

Do you think he scored and what will happen next?


K.I.D.S Chapter 2-There’s some jewellery gone too!

There was a black thing in the sight of Jeijan, it was slowly moving forward. When the thing was in front of him, he pounced and captured it. He turned his torch on and saw a guard. They both screamed which woke Prince and Damy up. The guard and Jeijan asked each other “What are you doing here?”.While they had a quick chat, the robber escaped. Then they went back to their places. They had stayed woken up for the whole night, but still couldn’t find the robber.

The next morning, they searched around the place. They found out that some jewellery was missing and they had to think of another plan. They thought for a long time and then Jeijan said that they should check the museum cameras. They were checking the cameras and found someone in there stealing jewellery. They couldn’t find his face as he had some black on him, so they still couldn’t think what to do, but then Damy saw him looking up and paused it. After that he took a picture and showed and told the museum owner and the team about it. Then they started to think of another plan.

What do you think they should do and why? Tell me what you think on a blog comment!

I.N.K ( Invisible Network of Kids ) mask control

Zero, Newton, Ben, Jamie where the invisible network of kids. They where in class. They had the rude teacher Miss Macbeth. She gave everyone maths. The boys went to there secret lab. There was a nose. They looked at the cameras and saw Macbeth. Macbeth  was making a control a natter. She  went to every bed  and Newton was looking at the camera. He was finding what was Macbeth up to. Newton went to the lab and stated making a potion so when the children wake up they will get the mask on they will just put it on. It was too late its morning. Everyone all woke up and saw a mask. They all put it on the mask was invisible. Everyone went to class and Zero said what happened to there body’s. Miss Macbeth was coming and said hallo the invisible network of kids. Ben whispered to Jamie and said she knows where the invisible network of kids. Miss Macbeth said hallo then Jamie said you all ready said hallo what ever so when Macbeth was going to talk she follen down with slugs and poo. Miss mecbeth nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the the then she forllen down. She went in the soowers. Newton took the mask of then the mask went on his face but he had a potion    on his face before the mask was maskcontrol the mask got of and it was damage. Zero,Newton,Ben,Jamie found the mystery. Jamie said Newton make more of those potion you got ya. Everyone was going someone where. When Newton made the potion and spraded it everywhere all of there mask got of and they said what happend. Jamie prest on a red button then he fullen down and then he could  ben and when Jamie could ben said what’s rong I fullen down somewhere and It says the M lab. Ben said Jamie get out of there I saw Miss Macbeth to her lab you got to hide you got ya. What ever just hide. Jamie done something fast as he could then he hide. Miss Macbeth put on the bigger mask control then when it came out it went on her body now Macbeth said No what I will oh no save me but now never saved her and when he went on floor she said help meeeeeeeeeeee then there was a rocket and when she pressed the button and she said haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa then boooooooooom

The criminal among us(chapter1No Way

There was this boy called Anthony he was only 8 years old . He has brown hair and blue eyes,baggy trousers and he is the smartest in the class . One day he saw his dad pick pocketing a lady . Anthony’s dad is a criminal he is real criminal he never stops pick pocketing people. When Anthony was 40 years old he wasn’t that old he didn’t have white hair.

When Anthony was in the woods he saw his dad Anthony said “why are you here”his dad didn’t say anything then while they were walking Anthony’s dad fell on the floor. Then Anthony noticed that he got stabbed at the back.The person who killed him ran and escaped.Anthony body filled with rage and went to catch him. He saw the criminal so he went after but he was thirsty and he fall on the ground. But he didn’t die he was unconscious because he was thirsty. Then a man saw Anthony on the floor then he called the hospital.

4 weeks later Anthony woke up he was angry about that criminal he was confused then Anthony got so angry he started to fight with the doctors the doctors thought that he got a disease but he doesn’t then the doctor got so scared they called the police then they arrested Anthony then they put Anthony in a cell by himself.

In 11 minutes an other criminal escaped then police said ” we only arrested Vivek banjree 2 days ago with all these security how did he escape “. Then the other police said ” if you don’t mind there is a guy which is a criminal and he knows the sycolgy how the prisoner escaped. Then Anthony said ” so I have to catch the prisoner how many minutes ?” Then the police Said “11” then Anthony said”we need a deal” then the police said ” a deal? Then Anthony said “yeah a deal only in my cell a recharge phone or a fan ” then the police said ” are you playing ” then Anthony said” your getting the money and I have do your job is this fare ya”then Anthony said” give me the blueprint of New York .

Then he was scanning the blueprint and he found the way that Vivek banjeree escaped . Then Anthony said ” I think he would go this way so follow me at the back ” then Anthony found the tunnel and he went inside the tunnel and Anthony said ” Vivek would go this way so some polices go on the other side of the tunnel some polices go on the jeep”. After he came out the tunnel and then he said ” polices follow me ” when they were running they was hearing a gun shots then Anthony said ” there he is ” then he pick pocket a police officer gun and shot Vivek on the leg . Then the police said ” trying to escape huh Vivek ” then when the police officer looked back Anthony wasn’t there and the police said ” wheres Anthony? where is he? don’t tell me he escaped no!”

Then Anthony came home and Anthony s mum wasn’t happy with Anthony because he became a criminal . Anthony s mum doesn’t know that Anthony s dad has died . Anthony told the truth Anthony said ” my father died that’s why I became a criminal ” she was crying then mum said ” kill him attack bigger show him the power of Anthony” .

After he came back to the forest he saw the criminal Anthony finally took a big look at the criminal it was his headmaster from high school. Then Anthony said “no way”. Then the other criminal said ” yes way your father killed my father so I got revenge “. After they started to to fight then the criminal had a gun then Anthony snatched it of him and Anthony said ” I will decide when I will die I will also have to decide when you will die”. So he shot him three times and Anthony said ” betrayer betrayer betrayer ” . After Anthony got arrested.

story by David : RB

How to be safe online-E-Safety

To make sure you are safe online use a password very weird so hackers can not get in to your account. Also when you are typing in your password it is not visible to anyone as how much you think you can trust them they could use hundreds and hundreds and maybe thousands of pounds on your account.

Make sure that when you download something no-one gets hold of it within fifteen minutes because you can download anything without putting your password in within fifteen minutes of a recent download. Make sure you always use the right age for anything as online there are cyber bullies. Facebook,Twitter and other online social networks are only used by 18 or over.

When playing a game never accept anything someone offers you because it can sometimes be a scam or con not always but its better to be safe than sorry.

During a game you can download in-app purchases and you need to make sure that you have authority from your parents to download anything even if its free. I made a mistake when I was on a app called Clash Of Clans I downloaded something I knew was £4.99 and I just kept on getting more and more because it gets addictive so I am warning you don’t make the same mistake the full cost came to around £1200. What you have to do to turn off in app purchases is go in to the settings screen click general and click restrictions and click it and it should give you a option to turn it off.

This post has been put up for everyone to learn from my mistakes. So make sure you follow it.

What other ways are there to be safe online?

The Best Cousin In the World

There is so many great things about my cousin I can’t even explain but I can tell you some she’s so courageous and we share a great bond.  She can say gij and she is trying to say Lij,my nickname. I love being with her and she does too I know she loves me and she shows it with her actions. When I do something she will copy like when I shout ”Aaaaahh” she will copy I have also taught her how to say ”Beep Beep” and push an object close to her.

And That is why my cousin is the best cousin in the world and her name is Amira!

But to me she is Mi Mi the best kind of cousin!

Time Travel

One day there was a boy called Dhillon and his mum Tiarnae. One Dark gloomy night a ware wolf appeared out of the pitch black dark woods,in the distance it looked like it came in 100 miles per hour. Dhillon was really scared! he stayed back but the wolf jumped out at Tiarnae she quickly threw a crystal at Dhillon he caught it, it contained lots of energy it created a giant force field and Dhillon screamed “NOOOO!”He had to sit there watching his mum get eaten by the gigantic ware wolf. Dhillon said to himself “Why did she give me a crystal?”.

In the middle of the force field their was loads of junk, Dhillon said “that wasn’t there before maybe I can make a time machine”Dhillon went over to the junk and tried several times to make it but it just didn’t work he tried and tried about one million times but it did not work he remembered how much energy that crystal contained so he put it on top of the time machine and it shined so bright Dhillon quickly got in it.

He finally had built it right it took 3 years but he thought that It was longer so he went back too far. The time he went to was 1992 and the date that he should of gone to was 2003 so it was 11 years before the time he should of gone to. There was some people who didn’t know what that device was so they all came up to him like a mob and one of them looked inside and saw all these gadgets. So they broke it all.

So he had to start all over again, this time he remembered how long it took to build it so he built it but it took even longer this time  and went back to the right time. He got his mum in the time machine and he went back to 2005,they were in New York and rich. Dhillon started to ask about his dad his mum told him he died in the war without hesitation he jumped in the time machine and went back and he saw his dad he told him he was gonna die but he didn’t believe him so he showed him the time machine and then he believed him and jumped in the time machine and went home.

Before the could say anything his parents disappeared. Dhillon went back to the past but they wasn’t there so he went back even further to when his mum and dad wasn’t even alive but there was something wrong his grandparents were arguing and they broke up their was no way they was going to have Tiarnae.   

Dhillon shouted at himself saying”why didnt you listen to them boring stories your mum was telling you about how granddad and grandma got together!” He was gonna give up but no if his mum was in this situation she wouldn’t give up so he kept trying and trying he couldn’t think he put hand in his pocket and he felt a peace of paper.He took it out he read it but it wasn’t English it was he should of stayed up in his french lesson luckily there was someone walking past him singing “fara shaka” he asked the man to read it but he didn’t speak English. He knew his grandparents spoke French. So he went and asked them and they read it to him it said at the beach eating chips watching the sun set.”That must be it that’s when they got together”So he asked both of them to meet him at the beach so he bought them both chips and he gave them the chips and left them alone and theystarted giggling.Then they walked home like a happy couple.

But it took ages to have a baby…10 months later, finally they had Tiarnae but Dhillon still had not built the time machine yet and it took 3 years to build it “aaaaargh I should of thought about that”.Finally Dhillon had built the time machine. 

Please comment on my post and tell me what I should do better?

The Crystal Sword and The Wicked Witch

The wretched witch, Helda had never given up trying to get that Crystal sword and today she would finally fulfill her dream. Only the trusty knight George could take the sword out of the Golden Plaque.  He never did because he didn’t want to have to always be worrying about Helda because one things for sure, she would more than definitely try to steal it! So on this day she was brewing up a potion that if you give it to someone they would be under your command and invincible. The only way to break that spell was to break the witches staff. Yet the only way to do that was to make her drop it off the Kings plinth because only the witch could wield the almighty staff.  The only way she’ll do that if is she is under a spell.

”Hehehe” said the devious witch ”At last the sword will be mine, I will be able to cast this spell on the sword and everyone will be under my command.” So then the witch dressed up as a village peasant and offered the trusty knight a sip of drink. Then he started to shake and the witch ripped off her clothes and was back in her thick black garments, holding her wand. Then she exclaimed ”The Crystal Sword will finally be mine and everyone in Gustavious (the village they are in)will bow down to me.”

The witch commanded George to go to the golden plaque so he did and then the witch said ”Pull this work of art out of ground and give it to me.” He did just that and then Helda held it up to the sky and just when she was about to pour the potion on it. Reece another night took the potion and he poured it on Helda’s staff he made it follow him. The witch threw the sword to George and because George had no brain he stayed there and if the witch came out of 100 meters of George he would be himself again.

They had reached the plinth and Reece said ” Drop off the plinth and it dropped off and broke the witch began to loose more and more power until her spirit had disappeared. She now was a new person and said ”Thank you for releasing me from that evil woman she claimed my soul back in 2000 15 years ago. Now I am set free thank you so much.” 

What did you think of my story? Tell me in the comments

The Destroyer Vs Cornelius

 In the year 3000 there once was a night, samurai, ninja, warrior well no-one actually knows what she was apart from a girl tank. But I think she should go by the name of The Destroyer in this time there is a lot of war so the Destroyer was Englands savior when they are at war. This war though Germany had a secret weapon and his name was Cornelius they knew The Destroyer could not be destroyed it could only destroy. So next time they went to war everyone was gone and had been torn to shreds by either Cornelius or The Destroyer and The Destroyer and Cornelius was left alone. They both had special abilities The Destroyers is he can summon mini Destroyers and he rage them and her up to make them bigger,faster and stronger. Cornelius could make mini fire demons that were stronger than the mini destroyers raged up and if they were raged up they had half the health of The Destroyer. The Destroyer had more health but Cornelius had power.

The Next Chapter Will Show the battle and you decide who win The Best Idea Will Be Used In the Next Chapter?

100 Word Challlenge

Once there were boys called Sam & Dam. They were delivering News at night  papers that was their job to get money for their parent. Because they were a bit of a poor,kind family. Their father got a job in London so that he could get money for the family as well as his children. Sam and Dam had  just started their delivery but they had lots of fun doing their job. But sometimes  the newspaper monster comes and eats all of the newspapers. But luckily Sam and Dam caught the newspaper monster so it never ate a newspaper again.

Year 5 Macbeth Raps

We have come to the end of our topic on Macbeth and we have produced raps related to the story.

Year 5 have worked hard to write the lyrics to these raps which tell the story of Macbeth.

Have a listen to what they have produced!

We would love to hear comments and feedback from you.

Reading Group: The Silver Sword

Today we started our story The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier. We will be reading this book in our groups and discussing what we think and wonder every step of the way!

So Chapter 1 -The Escape

What did you think of the first chapter?

What do you wonder?

How did the author make you want to read more?

Let’s keep this blog going as we read through the book!

Please try to add as much detail to your responses as possible!!

The best comments will get chance cards back at school – happy blogging!

100 Word Challenge

Under the streetlight, it is pouring coldness…
Under the streetlight, hoping the rain will stop.
Under the streetlight, when will it be day?
Under the streetlight, will my food decay?
Under the streetlight, my only light source
Under the streetlight, really damp but poor light
Under the streetlight, cars zooming ahead
Under the streetlight, leading the path
Under the streetlight, makes it look like day time
Under the streetlight, at 12 o ‘clock
Under the streetlight, a great fortune discovered
Under the streetlight, no more night
Under the streetlight, at home very sleepy
Under the streetlight, night is slowly drifting away!

K.I.D.S.(King Island Detective Service)Chapter 1

One day at the KIDS HQ, 3 boys called Damy, Prince and Jeijan just received a call from the King Island museum. The owner of it said “A rare piece of gold has disapeared so I need you to come here immediately!”, Jeijan replied “Ok”. The three ran to the iDelta (their vehicle that can go on all terrain and turn into a boat, submarine, plane and obviously a car) and Damy switched on auto-pilot and typed down the adress while Jeijan and Prince were listening to songs. As soon as they got there, they sprinted to the museum owner and asked lots of questions – like “When did this happen?” and “Did you see any suspects?” – while Damy put wrote some notes down (and secretly done some drawings). After that they looked for clues, Prince spotted some finger prints on the gold’s plinth, so they took a picture of it, and Damy found a business card saying T.T.S., so Damy picked it up.

When they arrived at the HQ, they started to think of crazy stuff about what T.T.S. could stand for. Prince thought of The Turbo Shop, Jeijan thought of Tom Telly’s School and Damy thought of Time To Steal. They started to search on the Internet, but there was no such thing as The Turbo Shop and Tom Telly’s School, but there was Time To Steal. It said that it was a group of gangsters that the police have to keep on arresting, as they keep on escaping.

Then they discussed this with the owner and stayed and watched for the night. Damy and Prince accidentally went to sleep, but Jeijan didn’t. He thought not to wake them up, because if he doesn’t look, a robber might escape. So, he stared around the place, and then, he suddenly saw a person/thing in black go past him.

What could it be? Will Jeijan get kidnapped?                                

All your questions will be answered in the next chapter….

Can I write an Acrostic poem of Macbeth?

Murderer strikes the royal highness

Atrocious Absurd strange ladies controlled a perfect mind

Curious man ruins a loyal life

Battles come upon to destroy a kingdom with darkness

Encouragement by a cruel selfish wife

Terrified people trying to defeat a man with darkness and betray

Horror attacks a beautiful kingdom which is now demolished

Thank you for reading my work I hope you enjoyed it. PLEASE give me feedback on what I should improve on next time!

My Acrostic Poem

M: Made with a heart as cold as snow and a army that is undef-eatable.

A: A man who thinks himself invincible will never be conquered but greediness to pull him to his knees.

C: Criminal Activity going on in the castle of hell, King Duncan is slain and him and Macbeth shall not meet again.

B: Ballistic absolutely ballistic is what Malcom will not accept the devils work Macbeth has done.

E: Enigmatically the three worn women stumble upon Macbeth predicting his future.

T: Torturous Lady Macbeth pushes and instigates Macbeth to be a Criminal. 

H: Hateful Macbeth destroys everyone in his path he is the strongest man in Scotland and will not be defeated!  

The princess and the popular kids..

Once upon a time there lived a magical girl her name was Scout people would always make fun of her name but she did not care she just got on with her life like any other person but Scout was not any other person she was the one person she was a princes but of course no one new because if they new no one would be bullying her  about her name. But people did not only bully her about her name they bullied her about everything. Sometimes she wished that she could tell everyone about her little secret but it was not little it was a big secret. Her mum was the queen she had green eyes black hair and a beautiful voice. Scout loved her mum so so so so much. Her dad was the king he was all right but he did not like to do things what Scout liked. A couple of days later it was Scouts birthday everyone was so excited but Scout was not excited she was not excited because she had to go to school on the day of her birthday. Scout new it was going to be a good birthday but she was not so sure about going to school she was scared that she was going to be humiliated. So she spoke to her mother as much as her mother loved Scout she had to go to school so she went to school. When she went to school her best friends said happy birthday but the popular kids did not they just humiliated her. Scout got so angry she sanded up to her self. She climbed on the table and said everything how she was the queens daughter and this was there reply back PROVE IT so she did she invited them to her castle and then they believed her they finely said sorry to Scout and everyone she was mean to she even invited them to be in there popular group

If I was to write another chapter – what do you think the story line should be?

What’s in the news?

Snow and ice warnings for much of UK as storm approaches!

Forecasters have warned that many parts of the UK can expect snow, ice and strong winds over the next few days.

Central Scotland has an amber warning from weather experts at the Met Office, of snow and ice, meaning people should be prepared. Around 30 schools are closed due to bad weather in the Scottish Highlands. A yellow “be aware” warning is in place for the rest of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland until Thursday afternoon. In Wales, western and southern England, a lot of rain is forecast on Wednesday into Thursday, bringing the risk of flooding.

It’s going to get pretty windy in many places too, with gusts of up to 65mph expected across much of the UK, and up to 75mph near the seaside.Over the weekend, windy weather caused tens of thousands of homes to lose power across  Scotland. Some were without electricity for several days.

How does the world’s biggest cargo ship work?

The world’s biggest cargo ship has docked in Britain for the first time.

The Globe was built in South Korea and has arrived on its first trip.

It measures 400m long, 56m wide and 73m tall.


It’s all down to the ship’s massive size, and something called displacement. For a ship to float, it has to push its weight in water downwards – or displace it. Once it’s pushed down by the ship, this water pushes back upwards – and floats the ship.

I hope you have learned something new!

By Asmita 5.1